I am crossing the Karoo

The vast plains remind me about my own emptiness

Emptiness of heart

My heart is empty and broken

I am carrying a desert inside me and each drop of love you give me I soak it like a sponge.

Your love is not less; my heart is too dry for it.

I am like a Karoo soil every inch of rain soaked by it and still stays dry and harsh and beautiful

My beauty is for you but it’s dangerous, it will drain you like desert soil drain each drop of water.

I am not saying you that you go away; you stay here in my heart with me, showering your love,

The way windmills of Karoo works all days and night pumping the water in its heart,

trying to keep it moist and helping it to stand in this harsh world.

You are my windmill. You give me love and my heart needs your love more than ever,

when I am crossing this Karoo


  1. very nice and touching…

  2. Yep! It is a ‘feely’ piece – NICE

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