Archives for March 31, 2013

Your Last Friend

There comes a time where time slows
Time just slows ’til it stops
And you can’t breathe
There comes a time when your insides are exposed
Every look towards you is hot
It burns ’til you can’t take the heat
Where your throat clogs up and it hurts
The world
The world no longer turns
Dead still
Your heart beat – lost
In a moment
A lifetime of pain washes down
It brings bags and relatives, it stays
It stays
The smell of blood lingers
Is there
The highest mountain, you can’t breathe
Can’t descend
Where pain engulfs you, holds you, squeezes, grips, extends a hand and doesn’t let go
It holds you
Sort of like soothing
But it’s digging at you, it’s digging
Closer and closer to your core
’til you scream you can’t take it anymore
But it’s not that kind of visit
Touches you, kisses you, makes love to you, cuddles, holds you, squeezes, grips, extends a hand and never lets go
Will linger until your last breath
Your Last Friend.