Archives for April 3, 2013

Oh sweet rain

sweet rain, rain on me.
rain on my wounds.
Heal my flash.
wash away my sorrows.

carress my skin
wet my clothes
go into my pours
Tighten my hair.

Oh sweet rain, don’t stop.
Plaugh my soils, wet my crops.
Feed my cravings, my desires.
My desire of gentleness.
Cool me down in warmth.
Warm me in cold.

Oh sweet rain,
I pray for you.
Please come again.

Let me be

I have looked into the dark.
Nightly I hear voices in the abyss calling for me.
I refuse to accept what they have to offer.
I am still here,I am free.

Clear the anger from your eyes,look at me.
The hatred in your heart is yours.
I have done nothing wrong.
This was never about me.

Greed and jealously clouds your eyes.
I live,I feel life.
I am not the evil of your conceptions.
I am me,set me free.

If you should take from me what is my life.
Will your torment end.
Then take it.
This is my gift to you.


Once upon a time

Once upon a dream

Once upon a wish

Once upon a hunger

Once upon a yearning

Once upon a man

Once upon a mirror

Once upon a fool.