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Child slain

By whose’s hand was this child slain?
So young at this age and harmless
is it revenge leaving her mother in such pain?
How could men be so godless?
Surely there’s something wrong in Their brain.
Or their hearts are as bold and plain.
They deserve to be amerced with heavy fine.
Though child slain wasn’t mine
my heart ache for that womb she was born.
Though i know not her mother as a friend
am sure she feels the life of those man must end.
For all the pain and tears her child shed,
the child’s life is gone
but her killers inhale well fed in jail.

Poetic Justice

I mean I write truth in these poems

I the defender
Could find no defence for myself
I was judged by a jury of my peers
And found guilty
Even though he were the accused

I looked to an officer of the peace
But he could offer me none
I searched the systems
And spoke to the Lady
Justice was not shown
You are not beyond reasonable doubt

Now I say these words
They stand in judgment
Jailing you in a rhyme
That holds indisputable TRUTH

This is the only retribution I’m gonna receive
Declarations to the world
Put in a poem
This is my justice
Its poetic justice


Its a far away moment
Even though I’m in it
Pulling strayed bits of strained me
Inability to live presently
Come together
Feel this, its good, come closer

Just when it does, holding it for seconds
Feels good, pull it closer
Pulling into me, losing touch with reality
I can’t stay long,
because I know it will be gone

This moments that’s enough
Telling me I won’t do
Seeing all my wrong
Mourning what’s gone
Hiding myself in myself
Just to keep on

“Lose yourself in the moment”
“You only get one shot”
The moments gone
So am I

Lets go

Take me away
Let’s go there
I need to go
to get away

I wana feel something
Something new
Look in wonder,
Lay my eyes on unseen
Beauty is difference
let’s go, let’s go see

Itchy feet and empty pockets
Let’s have an adventure
In the sun, or shade, grass or sand
Let’s just go!

Go to anywhere
Let’s go there
Take me there
There where we can feel
Feel anything

African love

You see I’ve said these words many times
To any who wished to hear
But I’m thinking what does love mean? What does my love mean?

My love is loyal
I’m not saying there won’t be another you
I’m saying I don’t want there to be another you
Its Long lasting, like the Nile

My love is abundant
I’m not saying you haven’t hurt it, and oh you’ve hurt it
But it flows from no end, gushing, like the Victoria falls

My love is hot
I’m not saying it isn’t sometimes cold, because yes it sometimes is
But it burns like a day in the Sahara

My love is uhuru (yeah I said it)
I’m not saying I won’t put you down, because sometimes I want to
But with it you will reach the peaks of Kilimanjaro

My love its for you

To love you

What a thing it is to love you
Every little
Its burning flames
On my skin
But baby it feels so
love your every
begining and end
bad and so sad

I see that charred skin
I am crying out, oh baby, what a thing it is to love you!
And when I love you, the way a woman lovvves a man
Only one thing can
Be born

My body calling your divinity toward
Narrowed Eyes pitched to your full
Lips that must, must reach mine
I crave your fullness
Smother you in mine
Begging for just
Momentary freedom
between thighs soft, more than yellow

What a thing it is to love you
To wish for release
from you in me
or away to go

I cannot have you
Be my love
And I cannot
Let you go
Oh but baby, what a thing it is to love you


Can you understand longing for something that is there?
I can. I long for you.
I miss you Mummy.

You were magic. Every kind of woman, it was in you.
But it undid you.
It was too much. No one can blame you.
I miss you Ma

I can’t regret the times we did spend.
The effort you put it.
The only memories I have
I miss you Mum

I hate what happened.
I hate what you did to me
You left me. You left us, you even left you.
You aren’t you anymore. You’re not magic.
I miss you Ama.

I long for someone who’s in the next room.
Can you understand?
Missing someone thats there.


Wrecked with anxiety and ignorance
Tasting breakfast again and later moms spaghetti
So much confusion! What’s a girl gotta do?

Nothings in place, there’s no sense
Just drifting from here to there
Thoughts firing everywhere
Drowning in desire and impatience
Depression’s the name of this game

I’m in all spaces while staying still
Trapped in a edgy skin that won’t tear
Craving anything to subdue
The impossible tirade of think

Thinking thoughts relentless
Sinking feelings ruthless
Pills and thrills, people in heapfuls
Nothing mattering mutterings
Relief needed so desperately
A futile search

Keep playing the game
Cycles continue
Persistent moments that cannot be sustained
Begging to stop
“Ideas are like a virus”

Love Story Template

Unrepentant scars trail along a nuanced cheek
Violence couldn’t help but settle on this delicate face
Times and troublesome vibes
Delirium substitutes for something like genuine happiness
Cold shoulders writhe together
A spark results from this putrid friction
It threatens, this spark
It threatens to set everything ablaze
Seconds are counted
Every single one of billions
Billions of filthy seconds, suiciding themselves away
The bed where warmth is supposed to shelter
It has become the pit where insides tangle and swelter

Built so long ago, in other lifetimes
It was supposed to be the inside of a womb
The certain safety of an eternal tomb
It was supposed to be
The place where hearts and heads melted into one
Little ones shrieking with delight
Leaving their tiny footprints on sands and blades of pristine grass
Yet, it never amounted to any of that
Years disappeared and expectations began to erase
This abomination managed to swell and become a giant
Trudging along, engorged on routine and the numb sensation

The wounds were self-made
Made together
Made to each other
Just a simple way to remind these hearts
To keep beating, keep eating
Keep kneeling, keep being

Lovers inhabit coated shells
They bounce along a stream towards certain doom
Devoid of knowing
Wanting the connection to sever
Never knowing how to justify the endeavour
Two souls drift alone
Together forever

Criminal manifesto (0.05g)

My swollen tongue mangled the explanation. His flashlight was brighter than the sun.

“Don’t you think I should drive?”, she pleaded. He blocked innocent logic from entering his mind. The party ran rampant through his system, poisoning the blood all over again. “No Sherry, I’m fine…”

I was on my way to a late night braai. Due to religious and personal reasons, I never drink, except on Saturdays. By the time I was ready to leave, that spark had already clicked in my body. It was urging me on. It’s like I was floating on millions of beer bubbles.

“I don’t think we should come to these parties anymore, Adrian.” She was stone-cold sober. The five months without a drink had flown by. “We need to get away from that crowd.” His jumbled understanding rearranged her meaning into a meaning of his own. “So, my friends aren’t good enough anymore?”

The long drive to Ian’s house gets me every time. I’m usually alone, with only the radio DJ’s for company. Just 33km to go. Lucky for my mate that he’s so masterful at braaing a tjop.

“I’m not in the mood for another argument.” Her head rested wistfully against the window. Street lights were flitting overhead in fast-forward. “I’m young. I want to have fun. I want to enjoy myself before…” She became fierce in an instant. “Before what, Adrian?”

“Good evening, Sir. I have stopped you because you were driving in an erratic and potentially dangerous manner. Can I see your license?” He seemed bored. “You smell like you’ve been having a good time, nè?” A fleeting memory flashed through the dronkenskap, reminding me that the licence was still on my kitchen counter. “Eish officer… I forgot my licence at home. I’m so sorry.” He looked at me, perplexed. “Come again. I didn’t understand you. What’s wrong?” Ja, how could I forget? I accidently bit my tongue a few kilometres back. Pothole or something… Somehow, the thing was now swollen enough to hamper speech. I took my Blackberry and typed a note of apology instead. Also, I added an offer for financial aid at the bottom of the message. “Is R200 ok?” The officer scanned the phone, his flashlight still searing my brain. He nodded. Maybe I was offering too much, but I’m new to this kind of thing. There’s no information pamphlet on how to conduct bribery. Everyone else does it, so I figured I’d give it a try. I fumbled in my purse and took out the loot. I didn’t wait around for a receipt.

The silence engulfed them. His blood was boiling. He turned up the audio to try and defeat the silence. Sherry didn’t retreat from his taunting. She turned the volume down again, as their hands started tussling childishly for control. All eyes averted, while his brain floated in a pungent, ethanol soup. She looked up. Her pupils constricted.

My eyes were trying to readjust, to focus on the blurry street light. I felt beer draining from my mouth, nose and ears. What a waste… My tarmac bed was uncomfortable. I tried to move, but couldn’t. I can sleep here, but I’d rather crash on Ian’s couch. My mouth was watering for that lamb tjop.

The medics lifted him gently onto the stretcher. His neck secured, his body was now possessed of a brand-new immobility. His bloodshot eyes remained open. As they loaded him onto the ambulance, fire fighters were still battling to put out the inferno.

The flames danced with reckless abandon, embracing the charred remains of three people and two unrecognisable vehicles. The ambulance started up and drove away from the catastrophe, taking him further away from his old life. The hypnotic sirens signalled a new beginning. “You got thrown clear of the accident, Mr Lazarus. You are very lucky.”

I saw his lips moving. Then I fell asleep.