Archives for May 14, 2013

Kunta Kintes

The black man, dark and shinning,
shining so bright like a piece of
china ware.
The black man, dark in the body but plain in
the mind, yes! It is not black magic, but a
personal choice to be plain hearted, like
saint Peter and other saints.
For a black man can also be dark hearted
if he chooses.

Colour is not a barrier, because if you call
me a black monkey and I call you a white
pig, we will both be dark hearted. I the relation
of the slaves taken across the Atlantic , is now a
black president, it is not colour, so if you are a kunta kinte,
don’t call your brother a white maggot .
A real Kunta Kinte has forgotten the slavery encounter
,he has forgiven too, it is a world for humanity as one
,yes it is.Am proud to be a Kunta Kinte.