Archives for October 2, 2013

Said I’d Never Change, Guess They Never Knew Your Name

Jesus thank You for the furnace, thank You for the flame;

Thank You for the tears, lonely nights and pain;

I hated You then but I thank You today;

Lessons learnt in yesterday;


Equipped me to help Your people avoid my mistakes;

You taught me to overcome so Your people could be saved;

I cried tears, took the scars so they never have to endure the same;

How much You love them, that You had them in mind when I suffered that way;


If they only knew your goodness, cause me you’ve never once failed;

When there was no way, you made a way;

What the world considered impossible, You called a 2 piece puzzle when I prayed;

Your foolishness is wiser than any man’s knowledge anyway;


Lord I never thought I could fall in love with You;

Your grace and mercy even when I hurt You everyday made falling for You easy to do;

To think You chose me before I was born, when I always thought I chose You;

Just at a whisper of Your name and You move Heaven and earth and run to me;


When I feel most alone on earth You remind me You’ll never leave;

When I cry You catch every tear;

To show me one day how much You cared when we meet;

It’s those little things You do that never cease to amaze me;


I’ve had money cars and life’s finer things;

But grace and mercy is the real reason  I’m rich;

Just cause I’m saved don’t mean I’m perfect;

Your name is Rabbi, meaning teacher, so me You’re forever changing;


World said I’ll always be the same;

But I had an ACE up my sleeve and Jesus is His name;

Your speciality is broken people so I could never stay the same;

What the world considered impossible, you called nothing the day I got saved;


Father thank You for the fire, the pain and tears everyday;

You love them so chose me to be the sacrifice to save Your children someday;

If they only knew Your love, don’t worry I’ll show them the way;

Lord so when we meet I just want to thank You for all the hurt cause it made me the man I am today…..