Archives for November 18, 2013

Just A Dreamer

I’m just a dreamer trying to change the world one heart at a time;

Let that act as a domino effect changing what I can before my demise;

I want to educate youth about life;

That’s what they need when school comes to an end;


I wish they would have lessons on life in school, but they have gym instead;

Surviving life is the most important lesson;

But we lead our youth blindly and when they fall we look at them with questions;

The change starts young, for me it’s too late;


So I want the next generation to live the right way;

We need to stop pointing fingers when we are to blame;

They are too young to know about life’s abuse;

So it’s up to me and you;


I want the elderly to give classes on wisdom to our youth;

So they are well equipped to face life’s hidden traps;

I wish people could see my point of view instead of just sitting back;

I wish rich people could swap lives with poor people and swap back every week;


So we can understand another man’s struggle and not turn away the man begging on the corner of the street;

I wish a damaged heart;

That’s been broken and scared by the past;

Can be given to young girls so they understand the consequences of love and don’t have to ask;


Then swap back their hearts so they understand the damage caused by a one night stand;

So they aren’t curious but feel and understand;

I wish I could give my memories to all the young boys who think cheating is cool;

So they feel how it feels when the same is done to you;


I want them to understand the results of Karma;

So they think twice before enduring the drama;

I want the youth to understand;

When you mess up in life, there’s no second chance;


By your choices you fall or stand;

Having a beard, money and a car doesn’t make you a real man;

Making babies doesn’t make you a dad;

I want to give them responsibility so they don’t fall into debt;


So they understand the pressure and never forget;

Before I die this is what I want to see;

But I’m just a dreamer, but I’ll do my best before the Lord calls me;

So in Heaven I can rest in peace, knowing I left behind not just a memory, but a legacy

I Wonder

It’s been over a year since last I saw you;

I pretend I don’t miss you but girl I do;

When by chance we meet in passing I act like I don’t notice you and play it cool;

When inside I hope you’ll greet;


I try and act strong when my knees are weak;

And I stumble over my own feet;

I wonder if you really don’t care or like me you’re just pretending;

When you see me by chance does your heart also skip a beat;


Or have I faded like a bad memory;

Do my actions fool you?;

Or can you see right through;

Is my mask coming apart at the seams?;


Or can you see the broken heart I wear on my sleeve?;

Are you holding him and wishing he was me?;

Cause while I’m with her it’s you I see;

Does he also know your heart is in another place;


Cause I’m sure she knows mine is, it’s written all over my face;

Do you try and dial my number when it should be erased?;

I sometimes dial yours even though I know your number changed;

I stay out all night trying to drink my pain away;


Do you also come home at sunrise;

Feeling more alone even though you partied all night?;

Do we also meet in your dreams and you cry when you wake;

These are the things I wonder when by chance we meet;


Do you also pretend or are you really over me….

Cheating, The Signs

We were just friends at first;

I never planned to fall for her;

You were always my one and only girl;

I was just returning her ways of flirt;


She gave me the attention you never did;

She always answers my calls;

The calls you chose to ignore;

Where you left holes she filled the gap;


I’m not making excuses, i’m only stating facts

I was wrong I understand that;

But I’m just a man, I was giving you love but you never loved me back;

Everytime I tried to make time;


You were always too busy, all those excuses you made;

Eventually the love we had started to fade;

I know I should have told you, but you didn’t want to hear what I had to say;

I’m not the cheating type, I’ve never been that way;


We never did anything yet before your imagination runs away;

The empty space you left inside me she replaced;

I’m sorry if I hurt you, it was an unintentional mistake;

I see the tears running down the side of your face;


But girl you neglected me every other day;

Love can’t grow if it’s left up to one;

It takes two to make any bond;

I couldn’t keep it alive on my own;


We can try again, everyone makes mistakes when they are in love;

You reply and that your tears are not my fault;

Confused, “How do you mean?” I ask;

You reply “I was cheating all along”;


My heart instantly tore apart;

You say you wanted to tell me but you just didn’t have the heart;

You were hoping I’d read the signs;

Thinking back, I knew, but my love for you had made me blind;


I should have listened to my instincts, they have always been right;

So as you turn and walk away, I promise myself next time to end it when I see these same signs.