Archives for December 10, 2013

Miss Ebony Eyes

Ebony eyes I can’t lie about this;

Every year this time you’re the first wish on my christmas wish list;

Miss Simplyxclusiv, you’re still the one I seem to miss;

I try play it off but it’s kind of obvious;


I bet you didn’t know I still feel for you Miss ebony eyes;

How could you if my hearts wearing a constant disguise;

Two souls that were once one are now just a memory lost in time;

I would have told you how I feel inside;


But you burned my soul and now I’m halted by pride;

Now I ain’t saying we should love again;

I’m just saying I miss my best friend;

I just miss spoiling you from time to time;


To see that gorgeous smile and give you peace from your past for a little while;

See it was never about me even since that first time;

But in the same breath I couldn’t stop my heart for falling for your ebony eyes;

I’ve been hurt that way before so here is the truth;


Real recognises real and I saw that scarred look when I first layed eyes on you;

Maybe now that I’m taking time to explain you’ll understand what I mean;

Why when you treated me cold I still elevated you like a queen;

Loving you was about healing your heart and not about me;


Sex was never my first priority;

I was trying to fill the void that was left by him;

Things you didn’t see;

But that’s the truth Miss Simplyxclusiv;

I know I didn’t lay it down like them other dudes you rolled with before me;

My aim was to give you the kind of love your heart was needing but had never seen;

I tried to treat you like a queen;

But it backfired and bruised me within;


Miss ebony eyes, Miss Simplyxclusiv;

Hope you think back and smile when you read this;

Cause when I’m out and I get high;

That’s when I really miss those ebony eyes