Archives for December 13, 2013

Holla At My Nigga Dru

From my point of view;

You died too soon;

We promised we would pass together;

But you changed your mind and left me in stormy weather;


I’m left with the scars;

Sipping on hennessy wondering how you are;

Tried to call but my phone reception doesn’t reach that far;

Thinking back on the hard times in the hood;


When surviving was doing whatever we could;

I got out of that lifestyle, but my heart is stuck there searching for you;

I finally made it my nigga, you always told me I would;

Now that I got my share of fame;


It feels strange without you on this world’s stage;

Damn nobody even knows I miss you everyday;

Asking God to part the clouds so I could catch a glimpse of your face;

But I know I can’t always get my own way;


God has His own plans now matter how much I pray;

Some prayers are ignored even if you have more than enough faith;

There’s so much I didn’t get a chance to say;

Your passing taught me to appreciate everyday as if it were my last;


My next breath here could be my first up above;

Yeah it’s true I ain’t concerned that much about finding true love;

There are more important things to worry about;

Tell God I’m trying hard but I need Him to help me out;


I know He ain’t pleased about my sins;

But I got to drink to subside this pain within;

Without it I’d find it impossible to live;

I know it’s a weak excuse;


But from where you are right living is easy to do;

Down here it’s a constant struggle;

I try to confide in my family but it just causes fights with my mother;

She can’t understand my ways and it frustrates her;


She doesn’t know to a soldier she gave birth;

Guess God told you the secrect first;

I can’t let them know until my mission here is complete;

They will just think I lost it and I’ve gone crazy;


I just thought I’d holla at you;

And tell you we miss you;

From my point of view, death snatched you too soon;

So rest in peace my nigga Dru