Unanswered Questions

Left me with unanswered questions;

A broken heart and lonely nights not too mention;

Things I never said;

Haunt me when I go to bed;


Middle of the night awake I sit;

When the full moon is lit;

Memories of you tearing me up bit by bit;

Found it easy to say goodbye, but hard to quit;


I see you around;

When I do my heart hits the ground;

I try to talk by my words echo without a sound;

Wish you stuck around;


Love is something that can’t be forced;

Especially if it ending was all my fault;

Days and nights feel the same, forever cold;

Young but I still feel old;


Soul is mine but it feels sold;

I push reset but it fails to submit;

Time was never meant to count back;

Without you my life always seems to lack;


Mindset on you so I’m forever off track;

I’ll trade all I own just to have you back;

Where are you now;

Wondering if I invade your dreams somehow;


Needing you close;

Your beautiful eyes are what I miss most;

When they shine, Heaven bows and takes a toast;

Sorry for the games I played;


I know it’s far too late;

Your feelings I ignored;

Selfish, so it’s my fault;

Remembering how sexy you was;


Little things you did for me just beacuse;

I wish I had one more last chance;

Cause I’ve done the time and paid the cost;

Without you my soul feels lost;


So on the real, here goes, I am like breath without the air, senseless;

I had a few after you, but you are the only girl I miss;

They all lack the spark of your endless kiss;

They are like falling stars without the wish;


So girl I need you by my side;

You are the cornerstone of my life;

Although now you are another’s wife;

I can’t quit you, for years I’ve tried;


My heart refuses to believe my mind;

It can’t be fooled by all my lies;

Please come reveive my heart before it dies;

Come stop these tears before I cry…

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