Back In Time

Lord when I die and leave this world behind;

I have one request, could You take me back in time;

I want to see if I never hurt her would she still be mine?;

Or would we have drifted apart anyway regadless if I wasn’t blind;


I feel guilty, I was the cause of her pain;

I’m the reason she was forced to walk away;

Love was never as good since that day;

I want to see if I did it different would our story still end the same;


I know because of her I changed;

She thought you never heard her when she prayed;

But you did answer even if in our time it came a bit late;

She ain’t here anymore to enjoy the answer anyway;


Since her I’ve just never found love the same;

Like an addicts first high;

It’s never as good as the first hit, no matter how hard they try;

Why did You send her while I was still blind;


The combination of her is near impossible to find;

All I ever wanted, Lord infact you blew my mind;

Impossible to replace, I should know cause I’ve tried;

Thought I found it a few times but it was just a lie;


Could you send her back this way please;

Oh wait, she’s already married;

That man was supposed to be me;

I’m over us, I just miss how love once used to feel;


God knows I’ve treated every girl since like Heaven’s only wings;

Still it fails and they up and leave;

If she ain’t the one, then who else could it be;

If I do it all right, then what am I missing;


I long for love and a family;

I’m getting older with time, Lord do You hear me?;

I know you have perfect timing;

But I’m sick of bieng lonely…..

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