Archives for January 22, 2014

Questions I Was Asked

I was asked today If my feelings for you have changed;

I replied that true love never fades;

So my love for you will always remain;

I admit the person who asked me I didn’t expect it in any way;


But I had to be honest cause that’s how I feel even If you don’t feel the same;

She asked If I know you’ve had a child that’s estranged;

I replied “yes” but that my feelings still stayed the same;

Regardless, you were my first love and that love will never go away;


At times I wish you still felt the same;

So we could start again;

Now that we are both wiser in life;

I’d love you better this time and make you my wife;


I once made you my fiancée but it fell through;

This time I’d do it right, never let you down or even out of my sight;

I’d make sure to fulfil your every need;

Some say I’m crazy;


But they’ve never loved you so how could they dictate to me;

I love you girl, even though you’ve hurt me deeply;

True love never keeps records of wrongs, it’s written in the bible, so that’s what I believe;

I wish you asked me these questions and not your niece;


If you did I wouldn’t think twice about rushing to your side;

And making you the only women in my life