Always Be The Same

Reflecting on mistakes I’ve made in my mind;

Looking out my window asking God if I could rewind time;

So I could relive my childhood days before they faded away;

And enjoy the time I took for granted in my younger days;


Before stress was a part of my every day;

And before death was a wish sent on a prayer addressed to Heavens gates;

If I knew life would be this hard;

I’d have thought twice before making mistakes;


I got all I want but nothing that I need;

I am a man who was destined to fail but managed to succeed;

I have experienced the luxuries most beg to have;

And lived the life most wish they had;


But money and fame don’t fulfil a heart’s empty space;

Love damaged me and now I’m a man full of doubt come what may;

Begging the Lord for change, on my knees at night as I pray;

Tears stains burnt into my face;


My mother looks at me in hopes that I’d change;

But it’s clear I’ll always be the same


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