Smokey Skies

Smokey skies
No definite shape
The clouds are without form
Even the stars
I can see it, even though my senses are numb …but yet
I can feel,
I can smell.
The strange smell of lust filtering through the air
And I can hear
The muttered sound that escapes from deep within him
Moaning and groaning words I do not want to hear
Sounds coming from a beast
I cannot escape them
The sound of moisture
The sound of his flesh pounding into mine…It’s so overwhelming .My God …my God why have You forsaken me !
Then there is the distant sound of someone crying
By the wetness on my face that must be me
But dear Lord how can it be
I counted a thousand stars or more
And yet the end is not in sight
Then there is the pain
That must be my soul being ripped from me
Leaving a deep gashing wound
In my heart, or is the pain between my legs
Lord he is so strong, the ground so cold
The world starts to move as he goes faster
Faster and faster he goes
I stopped counting the stars, suddenly they are to distant
I’m dead and alive at the same time
My heart stopped pounding and as he rises
It started to fall
Down, down…down
Below the dust of the earth
To join up with dignity and self respect and hope
And me…

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