The sun –

This morning rose glistening with ecstasy.
In that pure blue, yet, the storms brew.

Just as still water runs deep,
In quite nights under my breath death I could feel creep, beneath my skin the battle I could feel waging,
In silent spaces words rush to my ear causing a bout as they come crushing against my skull,
Perhaps what my world needs is the tenderness in you voice, or,
Perhaps it’s just my centre that can no longer hold.

Walls of my minds dome are caving in,
Smooth edges of my soul have turned rigid,
Solace I now seek from a thousand different faces and places I’ve never been.

I am left alone without a home;
Without a mother’s love, and,
Laughter has become a memory,
My summer days have grown cold, and,
Pictures of you are beginning to fade, yeah,
Love is not as sweet without you.

I wish I was told how life could prove to be so cold.

Happiness has deserted me,
You left for the heavens in the break of my dawn and since then I forgot how to smile,
I stand nude and the only thing I wear is a frown,
In the sea of human faces I’m left to drown,
Never did I know how life could prove so cruel.

Food had in loneliness is not a meal,
Just as a house that stands alone is not a home.

Rest well sunshine to my universe –
You were a blessing and a best friend,
A part of me will forever miss you.

How I wish the creator missed me more than he needed you.


  1. i feel ya

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