Back With You Again (20.09.90)

The only one on my mind is you;

Girl I thought you knew;

Wasn’t it obvious by those simple clues?

That you own my silly heart and still after all this time you do;


I’m surrounded by models and angels every day;

They try but they fail to take up your place;

You made my heart your home and that will always be the case;

I love you so much but I don’t have the words to say;


Even if my pen writes the truth you can’t see the tears upon my face;

While I miss you but surrounded by fortune and fame;

I’d trade it all just to have you back for just one day;

No matter how I wish or on bended knee I pray;


Nothing seems to change;

You still hate me when I still miss your face;

Trying to wipe those endless tears that never seem to fade;

Reminding me of the angel I let slip away;


I was too blind too see;

All that I ever needed was right in front of me;

I can’t change the past what’s meant to be will be;

That still doesn’t change how I wish you were still with me;


I got your eyes on my mind;

Reminding me of better times;

Like that first day we met;

Or that first kiss that I still can’t forget;


I know I broke your heart;

And we are so far apart;

But know this fact to be true;

If I had only oe wish, my only wish would be to be back with you.


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