Unshuttered I’ll remain
I might be bruised because of the pain my body has endured
My broken bones are bound to heal
Yes the pain has pierced through my heart
Pain is part of life
A hole you have left in my heart
Somehow I believe an angel will mend the hole
And all will be whole again
Your lies have built mistrust in me
It’s only a temporary phase
Unshuttered I’ll remain
I refuse to let the bitterness you have built in me rule over my happiness
You have no idea how strong you’ve made me become
In a way you have sharpened me
I now see beyond my foresight
Beyond the limitations
You’re not the only one who will walk tall
I walk tall because I know I’m a fighter and survivor
I never lost the fight
I woke up and I rose, no matter how hard the blows kept coming
I know I’m dusty and not on form
But hey I’m still walking
U were once my hero, my reason to smile
I had trusted you with my heart
I thought u had held it dear close to yours
Until the day u let it fall to the ground
You threw it so hard that I thought it will never survive to see another day
It was a fun exercise for you and your friends
I watched as they laughed behind my back
I watched as u bragged and felt you had it all
I watched also as I rose to your disgust
I watched when you begged for my heart again
And I walked away without looking back
Backward I was not going
Forward was were my future was
The broken bones and bruises are bound to heal
Unshuttered I’ll remain
Moving and matching forward
Forward towards a better dream
Forward towards a better life
A life without you but a life full of me

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