Best Girl I Ever Had

It’s been a while since you and I;

I do admit it was nice spending a little time;

With you, I missed those beautiful ebony eyes;

And that sensual smile that always drove me wild;


How could I forget that naughty little laugh;

I wish you were part of my future and not just a thing of the past;

I know I could have worked a little harder to make us last;

In my opinion we ended just a little too fast;


I know you have another man who occupies your tender heart;

I’m glad you’re happy even if I’m no longer the leading man and I’m now just another member of the cast;

I never wished you any harm;

Even though you made living without you quite hard;


Unlike you I haven’t found love or made a brand new start at all;

I just couldn’t recover from our fall;

When we started dating I told you this is the last time;

I kept my word I’ve been without love since you last were mine;


I’m glad we’re better friends than we ever were lovers it’s true;

And at times I can’t help but miss me and you;

I miss mostly the times we shared and the things we used to do;

And how I made you laugh constantly without even trying too;


I can’t say if you gave me a chance today;

That I’d take you back, too much has changed;

We both have matured, things just ain’t the same;

Smoke is all that’s left of that lover’s flame;


I do sometimes replay in my mind;

If I did things differently would you still be mine;

But then I know everything happens for a reason, it’s simply called life;

I do though admit, it would have been kind of cool if you were going to be my wife;


Or even the mother of my first child;

I trust God so I ain’t mad;

Things happen, things us mortals won’t understand;

God is the one with the master plan;


I think I found out why He sent you my way;

Ever since you, I’ve become a better man than the man I was in my younger days;

So in that sense I’m even glad about the tears and the heartache;

For if it wasn’t for you, I’d still be that fool and not the man I am today;


So thank you for the little time we had;

And for all the stupid things I did, my bad;

For the friendship we have today I’m glad;

You were the best girl I ever had.

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