We have lowered the standards to suit us
Compromising and compensating quality for quantity
We run a race with paralyzed competitors
Shying away from pitting ourselves against the real best

We have made ourselves a people of limited potential
Refusing to push ourselves harder
We pull the finishing line backwards to shorten the race
But when we hit it we celebrate like real champs

We have promoted laziness among ourselves
Celebrating our mediocrity as the best
We create our own little comfort zone
Comforting and consoling ourselves with a whole lot of stupid excuses

We claim that we are the best
Though we know it’s not true
We put blinkers on our eyes
So we won’t see that others are doing far better than us

We blame others for our own failures
Instead of analyzing and rectifying our errors
We cry foul when things don’t go our way
The entire universe is to blame but us

We keep repeating the same old things
But expect different results
We complain about everything
Except for our own attitude and laziness

We have formed a perfect friendship with the warmth of our blankets
Why hurry out of bed
We eat far more than we earn
As we only live our lives for the present moment

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