Big Bully

She is a big bully
fighting this little girl
she fights with weapons
all the little girl has are books

why fight the little girl
have you forgotten
you too were once bullied
and then you rose to be queen

the little girl is harmless
all she wants is peace
freedom to pray to worship
let her be big bully

You are a queen
she will not remove your throne
persecute her more
give her freedo of religion

Creatures of the night

Night falls darkness surrounds me
it sounds the siren for them
the creatures of the night
you cannot see them
as they invade your mind
making your fears come alive

you cannot hide from your
own mind
so you wait in agony
for the dawn to arrive
when no creature can harm you

until till then you wait
to weak to fight the
creatures of the night
you created them
only you can destroy them

reaching for a little box
full of white pearls
just one you say just one
and you fall asleep
to waken at dawn

Touch me

Touch me touch me
I say I need your touch
I want to feel loved
I need to feel loved

so touch me
make me al warm inside
let me feel your skin
your skin on my skin

Touch me touch me
caress my soul
your touch means a world
where i feel safe

I was loved

I was loved before I was born
before I felt the sun on my skin
before I was seen with scorn
before I came to know Him

I was loved before I was born
the moon was made for me
and each sunset and dawn
along with the deep blue sea

I was loved before I was born
by a God who loved me
Who wanted me born
for me to be happy

Grey clouds

Grey clouds surround me
the darkness envelopes me
as the light fades
the gloom fills my soul
and I cry out for help
but no-one hears me
no-one sees me
I am drowning in unhappiness
joy evades my soul
as I hide behind a smile
grey clouds still surround me
I can’t get out , can’t see the light
so i descend into the darkness
of my mind
grey clouds have become my prison

There’s a darkness about him

There’s a darkness about him
cant put my finger on it
something sinister and foreboding
there’s no glow to his face
like his hiding something
dark clouds surround him

But do I tell you my friend
the one about to marry him
I have no proof -it’s just
there’s a darkness about him
please get to know him
find out why his wives left him

You are the light
dont loose your glow
find out more before you say
I do
there’s a darkness about him
dont let this man be your mistake

The return of Imogen

She’s back Imogen is back
my toxic friend of days gone by
she haunts my days ,my nights
I tell myself :”Your’e not real –
you cant hurt me ”
its all in vain as she laughs
for she knows she controls me
controls my mind , my loves
my hates
my face distorts as she appears
hatred swells into my body
when she returns logic leaves my mind only to be filled with anger
hatred self loathing this is life
that comes with Imogen
i cant take it anymore
and i reach for the box
and little white pill inside
just one is all i need
slowly Imogen disappears
to return another day

“Creation reveals Your Glory”

“Creation reveals Your Glory ”
an inspired writer wrote
this rings true this morning
as clouds like waterfalls ,
flow down the mountains
the sun shining pale through
the vapour of the ‘falls’
lillies herald the morning
as coy daisies await
bright light to join in praise
,tis a beautifull morning
like every other
since the dawn of creation
when “creation began revealing
Your Glory “


Imogen is back
no matter how hard
I try she’s always there
like the white foam
of the ocean
Imogen has followed me
since a child
never to protect me
never to be friend
but always to remind
me of the past ,
the past I cannot shake
the past that is like
record stuck on a song

Imogen I PRAY leave me
let me be happy
your presence is toxic
let me live a life of peace
stop reminding me
of the hurt , Imogen
let me live my life
free of anger
free of hate
free to forgive
Imogen please leave this
night so free I’d be
to sleep this night
please let me heal-
and forget my past


Storm clouds part
the moon shines through
it stopped raining