Music Within

I want to experience every decibel of your heartbeat
Let it hit me
Let it teach me how to love in silence, direct me
Me on how to duck tape mine to the speakers of your heart
Move me to the rhythm of your spirit
Soothe all that’s bruised with your hearts groove
To dance in the spirit realm
Listening to tales told by the moon
Sold by the hooves kicking the ground to the dust
Lost in melodies released
In shouts and screams
Beyond the gathering place of dreams
Where enchanted figures skate on the icing on the cake
Where the greatest teacher, never late, awaits
The director of music moving chords to the temple
I want to take notes and paste them on my lungs so I may breathe the music of your soul
And tunes
Follow the rhythm moved by your soles of shoes and feet, to beat and defeat hate
You have to understand this song I want to learn
From no one
But you see that it moves the world
This piece is called love


The Road Less Traveled

The road less traveled is full of gravel and stones
The road less traveled has no sense of direction towards home
It only knows forward
It only knows what lies in front of your feet
Filled with defeat
The road less traveled is for the brave
For those hungry to make a name for themselves
Those that don’t tire
The road less traveled is no place to retire
It’s a place to build
A place for those willing to sacrifice for a chance to live
A chance to breathe
Pull up your sleeves and fight
We don’t rest
Not even in the night
The road less traveled is not for the weak, meek
Keep track of time because you lose everyday
You must know what you came here to say
What you came here to do
The road less traveled is not for those who came to play
But for those who came to do
Put on the right shoe
So that when it’s time
You’re ready for kicking and screaming
Fight for your life
The road less traveled is not for those with rights, but those who earn
The road less traveled is for he who knows it’s his turn!

Your Last Friend

There comes a time where time slows
Time just slows ’til it stops
And you can’t breathe
There comes a time when your insides are exposed
Every look towards you is hot
It burns ’til you can’t take the heat
Where your throat clogs up and it hurts
The world
The world no longer turns
Dead still
Your heart beat – lost
In a moment
A lifetime of pain washes down
It brings bags and relatives, it stays
It stays
The smell of blood lingers
Is there
The highest mountain, you can’t breathe
Can’t descend
Where pain engulfs you, holds you, squeezes, grips, extends a hand and doesn’t let go
It holds you
Sort of like soothing
But it’s digging at you, it’s digging
Closer and closer to your core
’til you scream you can’t take it anymore
But it’s not that kind of visit
Touches you, kisses you, makes love to you, cuddles, holds you, squeezes, grips, extends a hand and never lets go
Will linger until your last breath
Your Last Friend.