We have lowered the standards to suit us
Compromising and compensating quality for quantity
We run a race with paralyzed competitors
Shying away from pitting ourselves against the real best

We have made ourselves a people of limited potential
Refusing to push ourselves harder
We pull the finishing line backwards to shorten the race
But when we hit it we celebrate like real champs

We have promoted laziness among ourselves
Celebrating our mediocrity as the best
We create our own little comfort zone
Comforting and consoling ourselves with a whole lot of stupid excuses

We claim that we are the best
Though we know it’s not true
We put blinkers on our eyes
So we won’t see that others are doing far better than us

We blame others for our own failures
Instead of analyzing and rectifying our errors
We cry foul when things don’t go our way
The entire universe is to blame but us

We keep repeating the same old things
But expect different results
We complain about everything
Except for our own attitude and laziness

We have formed a perfect friendship with the warmth of our blankets
Why hurry out of bed
We eat far more than we earn
As we only live our lives for the present moment


So you want to play God over my happiness
You decide when I can have a smile on my face
When I can have my face soaked in tears
You simply make and break my happiness

Why am I even crying
Am I crying because I dread the thought of life without you
No, I am crying because I hate every memory of the day we first met
I regret everything about that day

I regret every second of my life I have allowed you to waste
All I want now is to just forget about you and pretend like you were never there
I will forever regret giving you far too many chances
When all you ever begged for was only one

You think you have me right where you want me
Wrapped around your little finger eating from your palm
You’re convinced that I don’t know that love is not what you want me to think it is
My mind is blind I don’t see anything, you fool yourself

You want to believe that hitting and kicking me is just another way of expressing your love to me
When you yell, shout and scream at me all you are doing is loving me loudly
You seem to believe that all my pain and tears can easily be wiped and dried by a single kiss
We can just kiss make up and forget everything

My Sweet Dream

I had a sweet dream last night
Real Heaven on earth
It was crystal clear and so real
Until I woke back to reality

I flew to worlds unknown in my sleep
Where no living soul has ever reached
Everything there was perfectly beautiful
I really wish I could live there forever

I reached a certain place last night
Where I saw men and women living together
Respecting each other as equals
Until I opened my eyes to the same reality

I badly wanted to learn a thing or two
On how they live and find happiness together
But I was quickly awaken back
By the wailing voice of a raped little girl

I had so many questions to ask them
How their women feel safe around men
Wearing whatever feels comfortable
Without the end less fear of being raped

I wanted to know a little more
How it is possible in their world
For little angels to play around
Without arousing the lust of some grey headed man

I entered some real dreamland last night
Where no man lays a hand on a woman
And abuse of children is a thing unknown
It all vanished when I woke to the real world

I had a sweet dream last night
I saw glimpses of a perfect world
Where ALL are equal
But I guess it was just a sweet dream!

For the African Woman

Rise up, Africa, rise
Come on put your hands together
I’ve heard the wailing voice of a woman
The deafening cry of her child can’t escape my ear

Have you given any thought to the plight
Of that miserable, helpless African woman?
Her last meal she can’t even remember
Her dying child crushes her heart at every glance

Gunshot has left her trembling
Who will protect the African woman?
When her protector has turned her oppressor
Destitute and traumatized she has been left

From the tight grip of brutal oppression
Who will rescue the African woman?
Her loudest crying voice
Has found no ears to fall on

Deep in the jungle somewhere
Where no arm is long enough to reach her
She lonely stares death in the face
Ready to snatch her helpless child away.


I have a little friend I’ve come to hate
It took quite a while before we clicked
Cough, cough – I choked and coughed hard
The moment I first stuck him between my lips
I, however, was determined to get to terms with him

His sensation led me to a problem free world
He helped me ‘forget’ all my problems
Providing relief in times of stress
A dear friend he proved to be…. for sometime
He made me feel like I own the world

Pull in, relax, blow out into the clean sky
I felt like a King biting my ‘stick of death’
Those who don’t smoke are lost for sure
They have no idea what they’re missing
Those were the good times!

I’ve made up my mind and I now want out
But I have utterly lost control
He has taken over my life
I want to quit, I keep saying as I light it
I now wish I never met this friend of mine

I’ve become his hopeless and voiceless slave
But I badly want my clean life back
He hasn’t done my pocket any good either
Together we have squandered a good fortune
I don’t know how to drop him off my lips

Who will set me free from this smokey bondage?
My family and friends have given up on me
Where shall I run to so he won’t find me?
They dragged me to rehab in efforts to keep us apart
He kept calling my name loud from outside

I’m buying no more when I finish this
I’ve told myself this a thousand times
But I’ve gone on to buy again…….and again
I wish it was that easy to quit
Pull in, relax, blow out into the clean sky!


Come let’s take a firm stand
Stand up for our nation
The land of our origination
Me and you plus our dedication
We can turn our rainbow nation
Into the reality of our imagination

Here sounds loud the unified call
For Azania the home of us all
Together we shall stand and never fall
Anyone rising up in arms to take us on
As an enemy will be sure to fall
Forever we shall stand tall

Come let’s plant a seed
For together nations we will feed
Let’s root out and destroy the weed
The ten commandments let’s all read
So we’re together in word and deed
Like all the pieces of a beautiful bead

Ours is a land of possibilities
And unimaginable realities
We are a people who make our own destiny
While bearing in mind our origin