I Forgot to care maybe

I forgot to care once.

It was pre-puberty
There weren’t any hormones
Of which to speak, then the tragedy
My home, extended family all on their phones
Mommy said Daddy loved you
Everybody shed a tear
I watched them, I missed my cue
What was wrong, did I not care?

I grew up
My first real girl was clear of cork
I had turned into quite the little screw up
Thick, she was still pure, she still enjoyed her pork
I was determined to meet her cup cake
Blinded by “love” we merged knife and cake
Disillusioned she was no longer my cup of tea
Teary-eyed named me evil; did I forget to care?

I grew wiser
The Lord had broke me to remake me
I met another
Sad really, now even I say she completes me
I am eager to learn of perfect and “real” love
She’s on my mind right up to day’s end
I will perfect me to fit her like a glove
I will never forget right up to life’s end