The Wise Fool

Here we still lie
Soaked with the sores of his huge unfulfilled promises
After the hazardous wars we have inflicted on our dear brothers
To sow on his head a glittering ring of gold.
We were told our heaps of feeder roads
Tiled with the beauty of highly toxic pot holes
Shall be filled with golden granite
But here they lie as tanks of yellowish water
Our edible water that brew mud and stench he said
Were to be healed by the magic herbs of purity
Yet here lie thousands serving as dormitories to typhoid and guinea worm
When the honorable read our bones
He said we shall be fed from anus to throat
To cure the miseries of our hunger
Yet we are compelled to banish the cruelty of our hunger with the little saliva our glands can breed
We were told a balanced education will be bestowed on the brains of our wards freely
To let them reap highly waged jobs
Yet here lies a mountainous pile of them
Rendering us vices as services
For they are graduates of no education
Not the good drainage gadgets and silver built lavatories he talked of has reformed our poor sanitation.
An enormous mortuary and cemetery have been built to treat our health.

We have not scratched your back to have ours been deserted
We have demonstrated with the posters of our tears to amass your favour
Yet we are blessed with the agonies of no change
Please appease us with a worthy ritual
Before the tempest of our anger blows you to the gallows!

On Me

Doubt not,she worth than nature
Arena of beauty,thy love I seek
Lie here with me forever
On thy bosom,perish my loveache
Let rain on me thy magic
An immortal,not dust grown!