Word Play

When God created us I think he was bored and wanted playmates.
God no Heff but God know Heff.

He wanted to see who’d play along.
He wanted to see who’d play the Hero, who’d play the fool.
Who’d be a playa- player and chill with players only.

He wanted to see who’d play God, who’d play the villain and try outplay the G.
He wanted to see who was great enough to survive this grimy play ground.
Who’d be the Queen or King on it.
Who’d get bullied or have their hearts played with.

He gave us stage for us to have our house plays.
Gave us the notion of love then we started to play play-play.
played happy families where mom said to “never play the ball in the house” but who gave her the platform to play boss

So he gave us earth and the ball was now in play.
God have messi on this playstation because we didn’t nintend for foul play.
sadly we humans didn’t play fair so we lost our playwright.

We played a weak hand and wasted our playtime.
Now we play along and play possum.
Continue to play our parts, as life plays a silly joke on us.
We played with fire and forgot to pray with god.

Play, a rebel with a cause.