“We complicated” you said

I was no angel, we never waited
We were never meant to be
But still I fell, so deep
You had me wishing for parallel universe
Where I was yours & you were my future

Two broken people can’t fix each other
Our cracks & pieces don’t mend
Only sharp edges left to cut more of me
But I am in love with the pain
Its beautiful
Its toxic
Its me
Its us

Its complicated- you said

The reason u won’t leave her
I sit here holding your darkest nights
And she is your light
I know you are still missing something
I wish I was the one who completed you

So I drink on for us to numb the feelings
Take the high like my first puff
I consume you like a drug
I am addicted to you
I am lost in you
I am you

I am complicated- you said

if my heart could speak

If my heart could speak
It would whisper your name,
And it will resonate throughout my body.
It would sing the joy you’ve brought me.
The sorrows of my echoed past.
The fear of this new ocean feelings.

Oh if my heart could speak
It will speak the divine language of your heart.
As our souls meet and intertwine, it will only speak your name.
It will keep you close with its coarse tongue and naïve eyes

Yes my heart speaks to u.
It calls your name and you answer.
Its rhythmic dance that can only be mirrored by your heart.
So listen closely, hear your name…

For my heart longs to be heard