Keep Your Dreams

I’ve always wanted to share my story, I somehow felt like I needed to leave the world in awe. They deserved to know, I always thought. I lacked one thing though , an ear that would listen carefully as I spoke in riddles. Riddles that only the brave could and would understand. Life happened too fast, I couldn’t keep up. One moment I was human, the next I couldn’t even recognize myself. Seven in the morning was my fear. That’s when everything changed, that’s when I took form of something I couldn’t even explain. At first, I thought it was a dream but then it hit me that I’ve never experienced the wonders of a dream before. Dreams, I heard, took place when you were asleep or deep in thought. That was Spanish to me. In all of my 20 years, I didn’t know what it was like to dream. Envy was not my thing so I pretended not to care. Who needs dreams anyways? A friend of mine told me that at times, you felt like they were dragging you down. He called them ‘nightmares’ if I’m not mistaken.