Sing sing my soul

Sing, sing my soul
floods of turmoil and whirlpool lyrics.
Spill, spill the concussions that make me ill
emotions entangled, woven badly strings sticking.
Terribly moving turning roughly, screaming loudly
for attention to attend to tears tearing a heart bleeding.
Crimson walls smiling dearly, there is sunshine.
Hope hoping to love completely: entirely.
Soft my gentle hand touching holding feeling.
Clasping shattered pieces beautiful frown of mine.
Whispering division of mind to dominate,
strength rains complete and warm
building in the thoughts so selfish reminding that
tears dry quickly in the sun.

* * *
Written by: Missty

Say if happiness could be bottled

Say if happiness could be bottled
I would place this feeling in a tight bottle,
under a firm seal it would last forever.
Like a light breeze brushing over my brown skin
suddenly my world was in total peace.
Joy found from blessings that rain,
cool as water from a shaded fountain.
A sigh, a smile, an uncontrollable laugh
found me at random times to remind me.

Days will remain the same
even in terror and deep sorrow,
joy will stay with me all my days
to wipe my tears and give me peace.
“Smile”, said a mysterious voice without a face,
“all will be well with you.”
Who could have known such relief from a few words?
The similarities of routine days so different,
true, no two days are the same.

I am content in myself, with myself.
Loving the woman that I have become,
whole and full of life flowing freely.
Loving completely, a heart bruised but will never stop.
In this, just as it is better days move closer.
A spirit with so much faith,
strong like the woman who houses it…
Living, loving and laughing.

* * *
Written by: Missty

Pain smile too

I lived to know the beauty of pain,
my smile growing thicker as I cried harder,
the ache in my chest pounding through to my head hurt so much that I laughed.
How I have grown to become one with my tribulations brought me into the presence of peace.
I clung to the sweat and tears tensely so that I would never forget
how my pain truly groomed me into a passionate combatant.
I will never yield in battle, nor will I rest my weapon down at war,
surrender stands as no option.
In a fierce brawl for a better tomorrow I hold out all stops.
moving to the beat of my racing heart with anticipation,
I danced solo to my heart’s desire loving the anxiety.

Caressed by the seductive nature of being hurt,
I loved to live through it so I could tell the tale of its sweetness.
Longing to become one with the stillness of agony,
where silent cries that land on ears that hear but ignorantly choosing to be deaf.
I was swung right back into that what brought me to all this… pain.
In spite of all and how pulverised my little heart was; like a teenage girl I fell in.
I laughed loudly and wildly at the teary face in the mirror.
How I have come to understand you for leaving me in a well lit dark alley,
where hope finds no home but rests its weary head on my pounding chest,
music undefined, soothing and true.

My pain will never lie yet so brash and comforting it only tells me that this too shall pass.
Tomorrow borrows the troubles of today
Though today will be yesterday and tomorrow today;
trouble remains a permanent guest and my smile; my best friend.
With all my might and all my heart I came to see pain’s smile,
to understand the benefit of open wounds, deep and oozing blood.
The silver linings and lights beyond the tunnels were make believe,
because the bare truth is that it stays with me to remind me and be my friend.
Thank you for being a part of me I carry like a trophy, proudly and glad.

* * *

Written by Missty


Redemption. The strength to forgive the self
that brought you to distraction.
I live to sing a song of hope to unravel
that ignored pain deep within me suppressed by false happiness
and overpowered by the clamour of a dull cymbal.
We carry pain inside hoping it would fade too
with the colours of our bloodshot eyes.

Hold my soul in your hand and don’t let it go.
Make me see gladness I never witnessed before.
Teach me how to breathe air of love and peace
carrying me on the wings of passion letting me live love.
Seek through my heart and find me
in the darkness of my sworn hatred.
I saw peace in the eyes of a child,
stole it, kept it and cared completely.

True life runs in my veins with pure blood
gushing with energy and ambition
not yielding nor accepting failure as the final result.
I pursue my desire like my name and triumph.
Coming out stronger with grazed knees and bruised feet.
Life moves into me like a fresh morning breeze.

* * *

Written by Missty

In time

Time kissed my hand
In attempt to comport my straying heart.
Held me warmly close to its heart
Beating slowly in a calm harmony.

Time walked beside me
Keeping me calm, making me smile.
Yet my heart leapt over the mind
That continued to lead me nowhere.

Time slipt away from me
Close my eyes and hand me a rose,
Blow me into an existence of broken clocks
Where time stands still at my demand

Time smiled at me
And said I will be fine.
I suffered the fate of mistakes
That caught up with my presence.

Time did more than shake my grounds
Reminding me of all I passed through
With not a scratch but lessons learned
All I knew held me hostage until I made peace.

Time taught, time loved,
Time spoke, comforted and healed.
Time smiled more than it frowned at me
Through it, in it and with it
I grew and came to know
That life happens in time…

By: Missty 2012