It took me a day to know you, but a decade to know you from the inside.
It took me a minute to fool you, but a lifetime to love you.
Though I may forget about you for a second, its nothing compared to how I feel about you for hours.
Your pleasant, appealing appearance makes my world much brighter and my days much easier.
I played with your heart a thousand times, broke your trust a million times but still you showed me more million ways to love you.
In you did I not only find my being but also my well being and if I were to be kicked from home, your heart would be the first place I’d think of cause that’s where it feels like home too.
Your place in my heart is like the greatest star of all heaven, it does not move across the sky like all the other stars do, it blinks much faster and shines much brighter than all the other stars, just like your place in my heart.
I thought I loved you but I lied cause at first it was just love at first sigh.
I love you without knowing how, when or where.
I love you simply without pride but with passion.
I love you not for what you have but for who you are and made me.
And if I were to lose my memory, I’d still know that I have loved you with all my heart and that has always been enough for me.

This world

This world has become a stage where everyone does whatever he or she feels like doing at his or her own time.
Busy pleasing the world out there where he or she receives no profit cause they which he or she is trying to please are also at work pleasing others and getting lost in the way of pleasing others.
That’s the reason why he or she is down on his or her knees, cause he or she values a copy more than an original.
Humanity has lost its ground with people holding their peace from good, gathering up all the riches of this world to themselves as if there is a truck that flies to Heaven to carry their riches with them.
This world has become a playground where people get to play with innocent souls just to fulfil their filthy souls.
Where people pretend to love you only to realize that to them, you’re just a teabag and a nappy, once used you’re thrown away.
Where people expect much out of life than it expect in them, throwing them with dissapointments that tear them apart day by day.
Where people are too good to be true, faking smiles as if they are facebook emojies and creating fake identities for themselves just to earn likes cause likes speak louder than words this days.
But if it is by the will of God then it is okay with my soul cause its okay not to be okay when people are okay.
The question is, have you ever wondered, do you ever wonder, will you ever wonder who you are than who you should be and wanna be in life?

Thoughts of love

As I sat by the river and watched the world go by.
I couldn’t help to keep myself from thinking about the times we used to share when life was young and simple.
living in moments rather than time.
I missed the love we used to share, even though it felt like a battlefield some of the time, it made me complete all the time.
I missed the times when you used to tell me that I’m good at my thing but I told you that I’m good at you cause you were my sweet yellow bone thing.
The fights and arguments we had were nothing compared to the joy that came after them.
Which is why I don’t wanna love without you cause your a lost I can’t replace.
It timmed me for a moment, then I took a moment of silent to honour that,
Your love was like raindrops to my heart cause everytime it rained my life used to blossom.
I remember how I used to go home but become home sick without you cause everything I touched used to break, breaking my heart even more.
My past mornings have been nothing but a lie cause I used to wake up in gentle hands yet in great pain from the inside without your smile by my side.
Yet today I’m still standing still for you cause the fire is out but the ashes are still burning in my heart.
And I will never say goodbye to you cause there is no good in goodbye.

I did it

It took me not so many days when many thought it would take me many to realize my dreams.
My fellow angels smiled with joy when my fellow enemies cried in pain.
The world stood still in amazement when the blind became astonished, watching over a black child eating a white orange.
The deaf became timmed as if they just heard the voice of a king.
Waters broke and women got into labour.
Men, they became shocked and lost their manhood.
Preachers froze like they just saw the second coming of Jesus when ships sinked trying to hide themselves from me.
And that is when generations became my legacy, isidingo my need.
People like Mogabe tried to pull me down and that is when they fell down on the stairs and became internet memes, cause it was none of their business.
Evil and good walked hand in hand and shared the same thoughts.
A paralyzed man sitting by his wheelchair took out his hand to cheer me.
And that is when a woman with no legs ran into a lift and took bottom left.
They all studied me, but no one graduated cause I was not a degree but the promise of life.
Everyone tried to buy my side of the story but couldn’t afford one cause it didn’t come cheap.
Nothing made sense cause my goals were like a hat-trick, no one thought I could score them in a lifetime but I did through God in Christ

How will it be (xenophobia)

How will it be when the wheel turns and tables turn against us.
Our children seeking refuge in their countries cause their four fathers failed to eliminate slavery cause slavery was the only option they had before they had you.
Every day and night they cry themselves to sleep, music has the home for their pain, turning pain into power.
My poor little rich country used to be a home for all after all it has become a home, so deep in pockets yet spiritually dead cause no single soul stood up for them when ropes and tires were made necklaces to their necks.
Empty vessels are now making the loudest noise on the streets cause their cans are full of anger, school children looting the streets, claiming to protect their jobs whereas they are not even in the job market.
My words may sound crump to you, but my word is excel on the computer giving birth to power point putting me on point to share my ink with you, cause my closure needs no exposure.
Our bodies may be on time but our time has passed away with the soul cause they used to cry for the pain caused on us yet today the cry of the pain caused by us.
If really we are break-even then why can’t we break-free from this ruthless country and conquer hate for faith.
Cause africa is no longer a continent but a community of blacks.
Put your feet in their shoes, I bet you won’t survive the pressure cause you have a soft spot.
Just because you can handle the truth, it does not mean you can carry the pain.
How will it be when the wheel turns and table turn against us, when mercy is not around…

The story of my life

Grew up without a father but became a man
Grew up without a mother but became one
Grew up without guidance but became straight
Grew up without respect but earned it
Grew up without wings but became their angel
Grew up without love but became loved
Grew up without anything but became something
Grew up without power but became strength
Grew up without courage but became comfort
Grew up without direction but led nations
Grew up without a name but sat in the hall of fame
Grew up to become them but became me
Grew up in a hopeless place but became hope
Grew up in silence but became speech
Grew up in fear but became brave
Grew up in darkness but became light
Grew up as a loser but became a hero
Grew up naked but became wise
Grew up slow but had direction
Grew up nowhere but got somewhere
Grew up to be the best but became the greatest
Grew up blind but did wonders
Grew up to become a teacher but became a preacher
Grew up as a sinner but became blessed
I might not have anything but still I am worth something…