Cupid, Vile Betrayer

You have assailed me once again,
unwittingly, unknowingly, I have become your willing victim
Though this time, I shall give you leave
and allow you the full reign
Haha! for I am in a jovial state of emotions!
I have met my earthly match
The one who melts me at a word
She matches me word for word
Her divine beauty,and her intellect
like the oceans, and the skies, is vast
and her smile, her gorgeous smile
as radiant as the night sky
sweeps me in and leaves me shamefully abashed
and her frame, her form,
so delicate and proportionate…..
and there I shall stop with the descriptions
But all these things
which I find an ease to write,
inspired and enthused as I am,
leave me speechless
when she is standing in front of me

It Comes to this

It comes to this,
Me, admitting this; You, befitting this
You’ll wear it well, it suits you
so take it, my everlasting kiss

It comes to this,
I can’t look away,
your eyes will pierce right through me and see that I am real,
and here for you, my inner bliss

It comes to this,
I hear your voice, my heart so warm
like a raging fire, and i love to burn
as you burn away my emptiness

It comes to this,
I’m blushing brightly, too much to hide
I can’t wait to see you, I don’t know what I’ll do
I’m wild, I’m on fire, alive for you

It comes to this,
that you make me smile
you make my heart beat so fast
you make me want you
and it comes to this,
I don’t want anything more, I don’t want anything less
It’s you I want, I want you..