The Familiar

Smelling your scent in places you haven’t been,
Where I you begin,
Taking apart something that’s woven in?

Apart for what feels like eternity,
But still not long enough
To let go of you, to shake this off

Certain that you’ll change but still be the same
That love may lie dormant,
But still it remains

Free from you but chained to you,
I long for the old,
But I stand immersed in the new

Convince myself I’ll learn to live with
Seeing you,
In his kiss

I’ll call this something other than yearning
I’ll give my heart away
LIke it isn’t in mourning

And years later,
Here where the grass is greener,
I will still long for the familiar.

I’ll Bend For You

As much as I can fold,
I’ll go
I’ll wrap up all my soul,
You know

I’ll trim back parts of me you don’t like,
So we won’t fight,
So you’ll be right,
So you can…

Tell me when it’s enough
When I’ve smoothed out the rough
Not deserving of your love?
I’ll do whatever, I’ll give me up.

Fold me over till I’m tiny
For your L.O.V.E
You won’t see the real me
Tell me now, am I worthy?