As ek moes

Geen woorde is ooit genoeg
Om die diepste van diep aan jou te beskryf
Maar as ek ‘n gedig deur die woordeboek moes ploeg
Sou ek die volgende struktuur skryf:

Die titel sal wees ‘Ons’
En met ‘n hoofletter begin
Want dit verwys na geen ander, behalwe ons s’n

Twee versreels in elke strofe
‘n Verteenwoordigend van ek en jy
Nooit sonder mekaar, nooit gebroke
Nooit net ek, nooit net jy

Paarrym, kruisrym, selfs omarmde rym
‘n Span
Pas saam, vleg saam, is goed saam, wen saam
Nooit so gebroke soos gebroke rym

Woorde soos ”vriendskap”, ”liefde”, ”sielsgenoot”
En ”verewig” sal lewe aan die gedig gee
Met metafore wat aanpas by die blou lug en ‘n stil see

Groen en geel blare
Met ‘n hemelse verskeidenheid kleure
Van blomme op die aarde
Met ‘n hemelse verskeidenheid geure

‘n Enkele afsluiting met ”Ons”
Want jy’s my begin en my einde
Wat ook al in die middel geskied
Ek bly ewig joune, en jy bly ewig myne

Bring him back to life

If I have ever failed to bow down
To You
Even for a day
I’m falling on my knees
Right now
Hoping that You listen
To what I have to say:

For twenty-three years
From hand to hand
And with every new set
The old ones disappeared

For twenty-three years
Felt like one big mess
The loss
The grief
The hatred
The anger
The uncertainty
To say the least

For twenty-three years
Were bestowed upon me
And with each of those
A sacrifice was made to Thee

I regard You as my only
Not just spiritually,
But humanly
There was never another

And even though You blessed me with
Two substitute mothers
Everybody knows
The soul and heart of a young girl
To be with her biological mother

And even though she, too, was
From my life
Too soon
You still blessed me with a brother

One person whom I’ve come to

Will stay throughout my lifetime

One person whom I’ve come to

Will not be taken from me

One person whom I’ve come to

Will not come to the end of his life
Before I’ve reached the peak of mine

But all those believes mean




When I see his dying soul
Through those cold
Confused eyes

When I watch him
Holding on
His hands slipping and I can’t pull him back

When he gasps for breath
And his body screams for help

If I have ever failed to bow down
To You
Even for a day
I’m falling on my hands and knees
This very day

Begging You

Hear my plea

Hear my cry


Bring him back to life


You said you needed a finger
That one of mine would suffice (It wasn’t enough)
I went and cut off my hand
And later bore the price (But it wasn’t enough)
You said you needed a foot
That mine was way too small (It would never be enough)
So I cut off both my feet
And later had to crawl (But it still wasn’t enough)
You said you needed a lung
That you were short of one (It wasn’t enough)
I gave you one of mine
Well, then, I was short of one (Yet, it wasn’t enough)
Before you needed anything else
I ripped my heart from my chest (Maybe that would be enough)
But you looked at me and said: ”Actually,
I’m in need of something else’

My Concealer

Of all sorts of make-up
concealer works best for me.
I use it as soon as I wake up,
it has become part of my identity.

At night I clean my face
And my scars become clear.
For when Im in my own space,
there’s no need for me to fear.

That people will see my pain
and offer me their sympathy.
In their thoughts rehearsing my name-
Thinking, oh, what a pity.

Tomorrow, again, I’ll start my day
By putting on a smile and pretending that I’m gay.

The Tormented Mistress

His eyes pierce through her flesh
Scraping around the edges of her heart
Slowly amputating her compassion

His voice travels down her spine
Prodding against her backbone
Slowly destructing her courage

His touch commences perspiration
Draining all signs of vacillation
Slowly extracting her shrewdness

His kisses drive her to ecstasy
Rushing blood through her veins
Slowly agitating her composure

His embrace ensures, to her, security
Guarding her from trepidation
Slowly confining her independence

His heart shows no compassion
Neither courage, nor wisdom
His state of mind, disturbed

Captivated by his own desires
It may not be hers
Both subsequently perplexed

For it is time to depart
She stays behind while he heads home
Home to his significant other

-By SI.Barron