That day

That day has arrived
The one I thought will never come
Oh! Not for him at list
For he’s the greater one of all,
Oh! The black dark cloud fell

I used to sit outside the house,
The one I used to call a home,
With the man who made it whole
And talk about the tricks of life,

“My child” he often said
“Life is not a rocking chair,
If you want to make it big in life
Climb the rocks it throws at you
That way you’ll bit the ousts”
Yes I miss the good old days,
But today that same old chair
Gives me nothing but lonely dreams,

The big day arrived
For me to call it quits
And start to form a list,
Of thing I’ll do onwards,
From sowing scats to learning quads
That way holly troops will fall
And I’ll be pointed to a direction.

That crazy day perched
When every one’s head is pink
And every one is soon to Greek
Unless you give your self a check
And try to find a decent job.

That final date landed
For those who plaid the game of life
For life is now, tomorrow gone
And then you’ll have to leave behind
The ones you love and work undone
But then you know you plaid your part.

Wings to fly

If there were wings,
Wings for me to fly,
If I could fly high, into the sky
Beyond the blue sky would I fly

If there were wings
Wings for me to fly
If simply I could,
I would fly and leave the pain behind,
I would fly and never come back.

If there were wings to fly
I would fly up high above
The mountains
I would fly and never look back.

Oh! Wings protection of a bird,
Why don’t you take me beyond
Where there is no hatred tears or sorrow
Save me from this world’s pain and suffering

The green, green grass of Mr Mashiloane

Life in Jozi is good so far,
I got a job and made some friends
Among those friends is an elderly man
Who stay in the heart of Ebony pack

There is some thing about this guy
Though He has gaffes like every man,
And I can quote the booze for one,
He drink’s his beer like its tape water

What caught my eye about this guy?
The green, green grass out side his house,
It cashes eye from far away,
“This is no ordinary loon” he says,
“It is the green, green grass from Canada lands”

“I don’t want paper or any trash
Anywhere near the green, green grass”
It’s always cut, and fairly cute
No dog or rat plays on it,
They understand it’s not a toy


Listen to the sound that comes
From within; the dram that rows
To unblock you ears, listen to the voice
Of the elders whispering to give you wisdom,
Listen to the sound of music

Listen to the sound that comes
From the mountains the echo of the
Shepard’s voice calling his flock,
Listen to the sound of water flowing
From stream to stream to soothe your soul
Listen to the sound of music

Listen to the sound that comes from the sky
The sound of the thunder as it rows to worn you
Of the storm that’s coming, listen to the sound of
The raindrops falling to give you grain
Listen to the sound of music.

The word

The word that brought all things to being,
Is mocked about by many deans.
And many hearts where cleaned.
A will of living water drilled;
Have quenched a many gills;

The dreadfull thirst of hell is killed,
The sailing hearts are healed.
It was turned on earth, too flashed,
The sun of rightiouness flashed,
The sheckles of sin where smashed.
A brood of sacred chicks is hached.
The joy in haven, can’t be matched.

God gave us

Let us claim this year
Peace love and prosperity
It’s our right by default
When we are children of the lord Christ

God gave us yet another year
To make it Wright, yet another
Breathe so we can have a chance for salvation,
Yet another voice so we can tell the whole world
Of his love, grace and power

God gave us yet another time
To love, cherish and support the
People who brought us to this
World, yet another chance to
Appreciate and Horner their existence

God gave us yet another moment to glorify his name
Yet another term to sing praise
And give thanks to bless others
The way we’ve been blessed


Bereavement is a pain,
Worse than being lashed or chained
It crushes and destroys you mind
No one for it is trained,

By it every path is drained
And every learner’s book is stained
Nothing is left, not even a grain
For you to plant after the rain

You are lucky you are not slain
Or pushed out into a drain
There will be nowhere for you to claim
Even if you fell with a plane

Bereavement is a pain
That tares your heart and soul apart
It banes your flash and leave you ash
No one will dare escape from it,

Running from it only makes it worse
You’ll even wish you faced it soon
Having being suppressed and looked for long
Makes it wild like bruised Elephant

It’s a matter of time before it explode
And blow up on your face
And then you’ll truly understand
That this world is not for you to gain
It for you to get a strain,
Until you join the zombie- match.

Bereavement is a disaster
Worse than earthquakes and flutes
It shakes your world and flushes your trust
No one will rescue you from it

Its thunder rows like a hungry lion,
The storm it makes is excruciating
The time it’s over
You’ll witness the damage, your eyes, your body,
Your soul, will tell it all

Bereavement is a torture
Worse than the rack and electric shocks
No one will persevere the pain

The earth

The earth is wide, from every side,
On every hoek, you’ll find a crook,
With a hook under a doek,
The earth is free, from every creed,
On every skin, you’ll find a flea;
Which is keen, to prick your skin.

The earth is full of every meal;
Every where, you’ll find a fool, who does’nt deal;
He’ll stop the spoon from the the food.

The earth is there, for you to stay;
But every seat, has got a leech,
And there’s no peace, on every piece.

You’re put on earth, that you must pray;
But are pliers, of a lier
And all the same you’ll love the game

A song of love

If ladies be but young and fair,
If men show mirth and trust their dears;
And love is true to guide them right;
What can make love, not Waugh awhile?

Love is good but lovers spoil,
It’s meant for joy and not dispute;
For both mast love and none regret,
That is love the right way now.

They are that think that love is blind,
If lovers see, then love is true;
Whereon does the jest depend?
It’s just because they’re fools in love;
Their love is false, and guides them wrong;

Oh! Love the peace of earth,
What is there on land or sea?
To make a love without dispute,
For oh! We want a love in gay,
Without offence, and no distress;

A precious toy

Oh! What a day, a perfect day
Something is found, as the game is plaid,
Something precious and something good,
A precious toy with heart and soul

Here‘s a day with quite a spirit
A cetin man must buy some (purity)
While a cetin woman is quite exhausted
She tries to speak but make no sense
Oh! What the hell its wealth a while,
They are all relived it went so well.

Oh!!! What is that, a new world warrior
With a crocodile’s heart and the spirit of
A cat, and that’s because he’s a mix of both
A dangerous mixture you’ll ever face, in
His body run’s the blood of cannibals.

I talk about a wild beast, with shining eyes
Like twinkling stars, nails as sharp as Uncle Leo pat
Teeth as strong as ant Lacosta,
He’s a big cat in the sense of the word, but I can
Argue that he’s a croc as well,