My prayer

I kneel before a Universe
Hoping that it’s Jesus to whom I converse
He said child dry your eyes
I know you hurt because of all his lies
Keep your head up my child
For I won’t forsake you in the wild
I will carry your burdens for you
Just keep your faith loyal and true
Believe in me child
I am the only truth
So i submit before Him
And pray He forgives me before the coming
It is promised we will leave this place and return to the land of milk and honey
Where there is no more pain
Only awaiting judgement day
His return will cause mayem
For those who don’t believe
They will truly see
That He never left us at all
Just kneel down and pray
His always there no matter what sin made us fall
His love is unconditional
So I pray more
On his name I call
Jesus my Saviour
I am forever in your favour
For your blessings are precious
Thank you for your patience
So I kneel down and pray
Humbled by Him that’s all I can say. 
Until we meet again.

I never imagined I’d be so insignificant

I never imagined I’d be so


I always thought I would save the world.

I always thought I would do

something –

history would preserve me;

The Great.


I cannot recall the exact point when,

but after innocence and the muck of puberty,

destiny gave way to

the quiet, chipping away of conviction;

the slow dissolving of



And I find myself woken up to

someone I would not recognise –

a stranger sans fire;

grappling with time and

the timelessness of ashes and dust;

grasping for any mention of special.


I find myself warm in my mediocre,

and the aspirations of others

yet uncomfortable in myself.


I never imagined I’d be so


nor so far gone that

I know not what to dream for anymore.