How will it be (xenophobia)

How will it be when the wheel turns and tables turn against us.
Our children seeking refuge in their countries cause their four fathers failed to eliminate slavery cause slavery was the only option they had before they had you.
Every day and night they cry themselves to sleep, music has the home for their pain, turning pain into power.
My poor little rich country used to be a home for all after all it has become a home, so deep in pockets yet spiritually dead cause no single soul stood up for them when ropes and tires were made necklaces to their necks.
Empty vessels are now making the loudest noise on the streets cause their cans are full of anger, school children looting the streets, claiming to protect their jobs whereas they are not even in the job market.
My words may sound crump to you, but my word is excel on the computer giving birth to power point putting me on point to share my ink with you, cause my closure needs no exposure.
Our bodies may be on time but our time has passed away with the soul cause they used to cry for the pain caused on us yet today the cry of the pain caused by us.
If really we are break-even then why can’t we break-free from this ruthless country and conquer hate for faith.
Cause africa is no longer a continent but a community of blacks.
Put your feet in their shoes, I bet you won’t survive the pressure cause you have a soft spot.
Just because you can handle the truth, it does not mean you can carry the pain.
How will it be when the wheel turns and table turn against us, when mercy is not around…

Little Boy YOU

Little Girl ME
Little Boy YOU.

I see your pain.
Screan cry hurt.

I hurt
You hurt
We hurt.

The blows-
The physical the verbal
Hitting Killing Hurting
The pain the pain the pain.

The tears –
Little Boy YOU
Let little Girl ME
Dry your tears hold you hug you
Hold you hug you heal you.

Rant and Rave
Kick and scream.
Hold you hold you hold you
Hug me hug me hide me.

From the anger
From the pain.
Search search search
Reach reach
For the past.
Patch the pain from the past.

Liltle Boy YOU
Holding little girl ME
Touching the pain.
Tenderly touching the pain.

Wings to fly

If there were wings,
Wings for me to fly,
If I could fly high, into the sky
Beyond the blue sky would I fly

If there were wings
Wings for me to fly
If simply I could,
I would fly and leave the pain behind,
I would fly and never come back.

If there were wings to fly
I would fly up high above
The mountains
I would fly and never look back.

Oh! Wings protection of a bird,
Why don’t you take me beyond
Where there is no hatred tears or sorrow
Save me from this world’s pain and suffering