Days are getting colder, 
Where you now she needs you to hold her.
Adore her
Tell her why you been so still,
She wants to know why when you away,
The windmills don’t spin. 
Like days are quite and drag through
Because  every second is agony when she’s away from you..
Enticed to call, luckily her heart is scorned. 
You have no choice but to let go even when every inch of me screams screw my ego,
Don’t let this pride stand in the way When you love her tell her
There’s freedom in the things we say.
Expressing one’s self  to the other half.
True reflection of pain, sorrow in your arms.
Embrace the hurt he caused
Because wounds heal when we love again. 
We learn to fly with wings unclipped we say things uncensored
we become unapologetically queen of hearts. 
Love is a game with no rules
Hidden riddles in messages
But no substance
Just consequences.
Facing challenges that challenge our excistance.
We more apart than together
but our hearts are one forever
Just blessed to have met you
So i dedicate this poem to nobody but you.