Freedom for me is, being who I truly am beyond the limits of body, space and time, that traps our souls in beliefs, opinions, judgement and fear. Freedom is being free of that disorientated mind… A mind that takes us away from heart and soul, instead clouds a being of magnificence which we fear to explore and expose to the universe, due to our insecurities, holding onto past experiences that hurt and wound us within, not forgiving and only expecting a new result repeating a cycle we have never dared to step up and out of.

However once we realize fear can be a friend and it is ok to forgive, as well as take a step forward beyond our limits or comfort zones, we are privledged to experience a state of freedom that defines a peace that is filled with a love that overflows into our surrounding environments. An experience of love that is unconditional and creates an atmosphere which fills the world with an ecstasy which never dies.
A love that is not necessarily physical bound to body, space and time however spiritual free, infinite and timeless.

True freedom is letting go of beliefs and behaviors of how one thinks it should be into how it actually is in the moment. Using that negative energy we create a positive result with a shift in consciousness, a transformational shift that changes ones thoughts to instead align ones self to being their true ‘real self’.

So do yourself a favour and choose to let go and just go with the flow, that is already present in the now. Trust and have faith instead of fear and embrace the present moment of now being open to experience a sense of stillness without fear, judgement or the need to justify every moment. Live with aliveness focused on a vision instead of dying to survive in a world in which one cannot truly escape without going beyond all limitations.

Freedom is truly Nothing…

NO-THING, a infinte space you allow yourself to loose control in that is open, vast and empty. We fear our deepest selves because it creates a loneliness no thing can truly and honestly occupy, it is an empty spaces with no label or definition, without a definition, it makes it hard for our minds to grasp however only our magnificence of soul can understand. It is a language spoken and heard in silence within an infinite hollowness.

It is the beauty of this hollow emptiness which is freedom….


Mali, mali, mali ndini
Hayi mali sidakwamizwa ndini
Odaka omkhulu, ogogo
Nabo malume, naba shana babo

Futhi mali, unebhabhalazi elingapheli…

Mali uhlukanisa imindeni
Bonke abantu bafuna wena mali
Yintoni imfihlo yako mali
Mali ndini buyela lapho ophuma khona

Baphelile abantu bakithi,
befuna wena mali!

Wake up in love

Wake up in love

Wipe the sleep from your eyes…
Open the windows to your soul
Open your heart, child of life,
Now – fill it with love

Stretch your arms there’s no ceiling…
Reaching only for light
Stand tall now, child of life,
Stand tall, you have been counted

Breathe deep in love into ever-now…
Fill your lungs with the Divine
The taste of love, dear child of life,
Is exhaling knowing this presence

Feel joy in your energy body…
Savour the vibration of bliss
Loving the all as is, child of life,
Transcending in un-waivering faith

Aligning now with your beginning…
Beginning to experience no end
Eternal to your core, sweet child of life,
Worthy – is how you were born

Greet the new day as greeted…
Returning the love and the light
Smile wide as you can child of life now,
Then catch life smiling right back

Thankful in mind and in spirit…
Creating your day so in love
Appreciating as you go, child of life,
Gifting the day’s Giver… in love.