Archives for October 22, 2015


You made my life a playground
Each time you enter my body i feel out of this world
When i think of you my mind gets dark and
I run out of joy

Why are you so bitter?
You do not tell when you come,
Hope and smile leaves me when you come near to me.
Sometimes i forget that they do exists in life

Your presence in mi body bring rain out of my eyes everyday
You make every question to have answer no
Thoughts have gone black; energy is what i am looking for.
You tormented me

You do not feel pity or shame about my emotions
Sunrise and sunset but you don’t give me relief
Nights pass away with mi eyes open, listening to headache

When i look into the mirror i see rain going through mi face
Looking at the pieces of events, they do not give sense,
Why is a word that dominates my thoughts; Are you happy to see me in this situation?
What is your aim about me? Why me? Still i get answers no

You direct my mind to the graveyard, where everyone has peace
Where crying and complaining are strange things
What the reason for me to be alive, my everyday question
Happy people around making no sense to me
How do they find hope and happiness in their lifes?

Day’s passes and you still in my body,
Aren’t you getting tired of my complains about you?
Pain i felt you and i respect you,
Relief is what i crave for now, peace is
What i need most, pain go away, go away
You have been mi enemy for too long