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Reason Why (20.09.90)

Girl I’ve finally changed into a man and you’re the reason why;

I couldn’t see your worth while you were mine;

Selfishness and pride had me so blind;

My heart was stuck in the past, I should have told you the truth instead of living a lie;


If you could see me today, you won’t believe your eyes;

I no longer go out drinking and partying all night;

I no longer hurt anyone even if they hurt me, I choose to walk away with a smile;

I keep my word and I’m living how God made me to be, I no longer live a make-believe life;


I don’t have any friends, those ones that stole all our time;

I spend most of my time at home, I’ve become a success and you’re the reason why;

Yes, I regret and yes I still miss you every day and night;

I know you’re gone for good and it still makes me cry;


You showed me the meaning of true love and I’m forever grateful we met;

I haven’t forgiven myself for loosing you yet;

I still believe our forever came to an early end;

And if I could I’d do anything to get another chance to love you again;


I thank God for the brief moments we spent;

When you gave your all too me, it was all worth it in the end;

Even though you never got to see the reasons behind;

Why we met, I’m the perfect man, you’re the reason why

Complexity in life

In and Out we’re breathing,
Visions we’re seeing them,
Sound waves hit our ‘Drums’.
Our minds are full of joy
Our hearts are full of love

Love peppered our eyes,
Love made us believe in fantasy
Yeah! We’re living life
Forgetting that there is sorrow,
Forgetting that nothing is perfect.

It doesn’t knock when it comes
It is its duty to keep us grumpy
All in all we’re just born unique
We’re knights of the night,We fight