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Dear Adam


Adam. God created you in he’s image,
Created by a being with infinite wisdom.
had the title as the first man to live on earth,
Yes you were the first.
made of dust and given a home,
Who knew soon it would’ve all been gone.
you must of been honored to be God’s first human creation.
The only man who lived though was never born out of a woman.
You spared your rib so he can design your equal. She was literally made for you…

Eve. You were created with the rib under Adam’s chest,
Meant to blend to be one flesh.
who knew Adam’s rib would have made you so beautiful. But you both took a bite into imperfection, and we all bare the visible birth mark of death.

But when you sinned against God, when you walked over to that tree,
did you anticipate that one day there would be wars against Adams and Eves
just so ‘she’ would be allowed to keep her own skin.
Where the world is dominated by some other ‘him’.
A pirate searching for the X that marks the spot of the tresures below her waist.
Pretending to be real, but being a man is far more than just copy and paste.
Your sin caused you to evolve into the nightmare that crawl from under her bed,
Just so your hunger for power can be feed.
You grew fangs and claws and roared while scratching the exteriors
Of women’s trust and stealing their crowns just so they feel inferior.
I doubt you’ll ever understand, you’re the monster in daylight, darkness in the afternoon.
You’re not the man in dark alleys you are the dead end in a dark alley, Hollow inside with a taint hint of callousness.
A dead end because you kill the self esteem
by defiling those who carry a form of angelic on their skin.

Tell me how did you escape from her nightmares into reality? how did you disguise yourself as human is far beyond me.
Where did you buy the make up to look less like a vampire?
Should have known that the devil is a liar.
Evolution made you into the devil’s companion and the worst part is…we can’t tell the difference.
And you barely suffer the consequences.

That devour the innocence of fragile pieces of art,
I want to end you life.
monsters who tear pages out of your purity until the is nothing left to read of you,
a soldier invading the land in between a woman’s country,
just to benefit from the oil she protect in her Afghanistan,
Her war is to defend herself from this kind of terrorism.

A faceless creator who touched you in all the places you marked with stop signs on your body ignoring vital traffic lights as he drives through you, just to prove to you that he can.

You scare woman into hiding the truth underneath their tongues, while they try stitching love back into their skin, and forcing tears not to escape their eyelids every time there is a mention of you,
I can still feel the cracks she carries in her womb.
You are not a man, you are the gremlin that walked out of a horror film and made us think you are human.
I have never had so much anger for a men I cannot even recognize.


What if I gave you a mirror to witness the creature you have become, you might also choke on these actions, because these sins are harder to swallow…
Eve is out there in the world soaking herself in water just so she can wash off your smell from her conscience, dye herselve into a different colour of security, trim out the smirk you left in her memory, bleach away the fingerprints you left inside of her. She bought a new shade of foundation just so she could make-up for wall you tore down, a concealer to hide away the shadow you sent to follow her, can’t you see no lipstick can cover the screams she mufles in her pillow every night.

How are you even alive? You deserve to be stoned to death since your heart is as hard as alabaster.
I search deep to find the answer…
In my cervix to the reason of why you would enter…
Without stopping to think any better…
Who are you if not a predator?
All I want to know is what is going to take to get rid of you. I want to leave you in a gas chamber and watch you suffocate on your own sins.
Let you drown in the tears of all your victims, I want to drag you into hell by your horns and let you burn in flames created by the fire buried inside.
But that won’t get rid of Eve’s pain.

Was this your plan all along? To tear off her wings just so she can never be rid of you?
What type of life form are you?
Did you know you would leave stab wounds in her dreams from the beginning?
Or is this a punishment because you were lead out of the Garden of Eden?

There is a thousand and one things I’d like to tell you when I finally get to unmask your behaviour. But all I’ll do if offer you a tall glass of water, because I’m sure lurking in corners and scanning for prey has made you thirsty.

PS. Eve was made for you, I guess you weren’t made for her.

Yours sincerely: someone who wants to kill the werewolf that lives inside you.

Flow Masengesho