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You Feel Like Giving Up

You Feel Like Giving Up Your Tears Are Flowing Like A Tap And Somehow It Never Will Stop For Their Words Continue.

They Are The One’s Who Have Hurt You With The Years It Was Them Who Caused Your Fears To Be The Only Realities You Know.

This Is The Situation You Are Facing An Individual Without Purpose Who’s Birth Is No Mistake And With This You Have To Start Your Own Life.

You Are Filled With All The Hurt Of An Individual Who Is Longing For Just A Little Bit Acceptance, Only Wanting A Chance.

Wanting To Know What Being Understood Means Running Into Someone’s Arms Feeling The Warmth Of Their Love That In Time Will Take All The Pain Away.

Why is it that we all

Why is it that we all Want to take our life’s to Find a way for the pain to stop When God is wanting to work with our pain?

When we physically get hurt A raw wound appears And in time by biological processes the tissue bind And the raw wound heals.

Like that wound we also emotionally are wounded And it causes us to hurt deeply When we want the pain to just stop And find that suicide will do that.

You can ask me Of the pain I had myself But how God used it for my growth When He showed me why it had to happen.

Pain is real That I can’t deny But I want to tell Of what God can do with the pain we feel.

When you only experience

When you only experience The hardness of circumstances And you wish for only a chance To catch your breath, I want to tell you how you can do just that.

It is by putting your trust in what God promised That He is going to do it for you How He will pull you through The circumstances If you just give Him the chance.

When you look again You see how His grace worked with you within the difficulty And you see it in a new perspective, Nothing like it was before This is what God does with us and so much more.

It is only when you are prepared To give Him full control of your life You will get to experience this for yourself, Feeling how you can breath freely For the first time and after that for the rest of your life.

When it is the pain

When it is the pain that hurts the most And you are trying to find a way for it to stop I want to tell you how mine did When I found out why I had my pain.

It was by living a life Where I ignored the call of a friend Who wanted to help me deal With what I couldn’t cope with alone.

It was when I heard the truth That it was only God’s light That could give me a reason to fight That what I was becoming.

It was then when I was ready To speak about what hurt the most That I was freed from That what was causing me to die inside.

It is by living my life Through faith in what God revealed to me That I can stand up from whatever might be For He is the source of my life.