Archives for April 14, 2014

Destination Direction

Blood has been drawn, vehement oaths have now been sworn
Sin in desire has been born, written destinies are now forlorn
Light the path of future’s course, time goes on as is a curse
Life’s a drag and it gets worse, dead-straight life-force in a hearse

I am driven by the gears of my mind in reverse-motion reflection
Broken speed of my train-of-thought in automation rejection
Along the freeway of restricting limits that control my situation
As I park in the driveway of mentality in its amalgamation

I find it so amazing how I am still allowed to live this life
Yet I feel that many more have been deserving to be alive
But I do not want to be a part of this suicidal strife
When I am sure that positive influence truly is rife

And as I am a poet, words govern which way my thought goes
The destination direction as I depart from my sullen woes

The New South African Struggle

This new struggle will be faught by pens and papers,
Determined minds and willing souls.
No blood must be spilled
But skills and talents should be unveiled.
Our heroes and heroines died for democracy
We will live for the liberation of intelligence.
Our ancestors never knew freedom and equality
We will mark the end of mediocrity.
Born-frees put down those guns and knobkerries
Take a little break from those blackberries.
Your weapons are the books and pens.
We are the heirs of power
Invested in our learning.