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  • I remember when I first saw you and how you took my breath away;

    I remember how I wondered and planned to make you mine night and day;

    You were so beautiful so out of my league, heaven’s reflection was made […]

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  • When then I sat on this memorial bench
    I dug my heels into its concrete setting
    Exfoliating decades of jaundiced decay
    Cake upon cake now flecked
    I scraped harder
    layer after archived layer
    Now blooded under […]

  • It’s been a long time girl but I still miss you the same;

    Time never did it’s job, your memory was never erased;

    I still cry whenever I hear our song, the love never left when you walked away;

    It just […]

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  • I want to experience every decibel of your heartbeat
    Let it hit me
    Let it teach me how to love in silence, direct me
    Me on how to duck tape mine to the speakers of your heart
    Move me to the […]

  • tiny_t wrote a new post, Denial 2 days, 16 hours ago

    Denial be my friend I beg
    Cuddle my hopes, embrace my faith and curese my love
    Shadow my every move shading me from the rays of reality,
    LIE to me about my hearts’ demize ,
    Denial please I beg be my eternal […]

  • Nabu wrote a new post, Fantasia 3 days, 2 hours ago

    As I lie awake at night and gaze upon the stars
    My visions carry me to far away places, sometimes even Mars

    Discovering exotic islands, untouched by the human hand,
    To bathe in crystal waterfalls and dance on […]

  • Anselm posted an update 3 days, 3 hours ago

    I will be very back soon with some unedited and unexpected writing. Surely many of you will be delighted by my work and some will even be shocked. I will be expecting not less than mixed feelings.
    Be sure that you check my page by the 8th of may.

  • Through the mountains and the valleys where I would sit and cry;

    Jesus I want to take this moment and thank You for my life;

    Some dreams have come to pass and some are yet to be realized;

    For the desert […]

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  • They looked up the skies with so much hope and eager anticipation…

    Their hopes and dreams were to be exposed today in the skies and so they waited for that grand moment of truth…

    Their dreams had been […]

  • tiny_t wrote a new post, Brain 5 days, 2 hours ago

    Brain, tell my body to blantantly ignore my hearts desires
    Heart, migrate to new surrounding so as to compromise me nomore
    So brain, REGAIN your throne and banish my heart
    For it has done more harm then good!

  • My love for you lays hidden
    Reared by Stereotype and Misconception
    Asleep on IIgnorance’s sweet bosom
    Hatred’s favourite son

    My love for you lays hidden
    Atop of towering castles
    Built proudly by my […]

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  • Chestlyn wrote a new post, I am no slave 1 week ago

    I am not your servant.
    I am a child of the Most High;
    Praying for you day and night.

    I am no prisoner.
    Nor am I your slave;
    What keeps me from being free?

    You keep track of my flaws.
    Then you […]

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  • Nadia was a young woman who used to sell vetkooks in a local train station. Early twenties,lightskinned,dark circles around her eyes and petite. Everyday i passed her when i went to school i used to wonder why she […]

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