• she made room for him
    in her heart
    and accommodated him
    within her space

    his warm embrace
    was her happy place
    and the more he opened up
    the more she let her guard down

    so she invited him to her […]

  • She was definitely unprepared to disclose any information which would exonerate him or redound to his honour, since she deemed his disinterest in her advances a damage done to her self-worth and confidence.

    She […]

  • I was about 10 when I left home, a sad day that was. I know it was for the best, however if I could turn back the hands of time I would. My parents seemed to be used to letting go, I am not surprised though: I was […]

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  • You are invited to the book launch of “Beyond Spice”, an art and poetry publication

    Date: 25 May 2016, Time: 18h00 for 18h30

    Venue: Skoobs Book Theatre, Shop 74, Monte Casino, Fourways, Joh […]

  • | Theme:
    Patterns are a natural or accidental arrangement or sequence. Patterns can relate to behaviours, visual design, occurrences in nature, methods, and more. It can be expressed in symbolic, literal, modern, […]

  • his heart held a modicum of attraction
    which quickly intensified that he hastily disregarded the opprobrium
    that would inevitably follow all unbefitting association with a betrothed woman

    and ripe as the […]

  • I had a sweet dream last night
    Real Heaven on earth
    It was crystal clear and so real
    Until I woke back to reality

    I flew to worlds unknown in my sleep
    Where no living soul has ever reached
    Everything there […]

  • Rise up, Africa, rise
    Come on put your hands together
    I’ve heard the wailing voice of a woman
    The deafening cry of her child can’t escape my ear

    Have you given any thought to the plight
    Of that miserable, […]

  • I see you, You see me
    Yet we don’t see each other
    We hide behind veils of pretense
    Yet conjure ungrounded opinions
    No acknowledgment is required
    But clarity is needed
    I’m wrong, You’re wrong
    Both at fault […]

  • What do Poets look like?
    Please, do tell.
    You who seem to know
    everything so well.

    What do Poets look like?
    You, who can’t even convert
    a few pictures into words.

    And, how can you tell?
    You, who don’t […]

  • I was pleased to hear your name
    I was amazed to see a face like you
    Your smile, time stop for that moment to wonder
    Scared as I was, my heart would had broken if I did not say hello
    For once I took notice of […]

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    Stop lingering in my thoughts
    Cease from abiding in my dreams
    Let me go, let me be
    These stirrings in my heart
    Folly on my part
    Silent conflict raging through my mind
    Restless whispers clawing out my […]

  • Turmoil, as to how I came to be
    Because I ceased to be
    Existing within a perfect flawed state of being
    Looking at the reflection of what I ought to be
    Not who I am meant to be
    Bordered on the good-bad, of […]

  • Friendship

    Is based on trust, honesty and communication
    A sacred tie thats its bound together
    With love and kindness

    A friendship is based on respect
    Humanity and humility

    Friendship is the […]

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  • Our worlds are intertwined,
    The more we try to understand it,
    The more complex we make it.
    The past, the present and the future,
    Are one interconnected force.

    Our mind is our universe,
    Our tool to create, […]

  • Grey clouds surround me
    the darkness envelopes me
    as the light fades
    the gloom fills my soul
    and I cry out for help
    but no-one hears me
    no-one sees me
    I am drowning in unhappiness
    joy evades my soul […]

  • “I’m unable to help you, incapable“I’m unable to help you, incapable… It has little to do with that. Look, listen, labl…
    Lebo! ; You’ve lost your first love. Like,… like, listen:

    ‘Looks like you’ve been l […]

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