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  • You Feel Like Giving Up Your Tears Are Flowing Like A Tap And Somehow It Never Will Stop For Their Words Continue.

    They Are The One’s Who Have Hurt You With The Years It Was Them Who Caused Your Fears To Be The […]

  • Why is it that we all Want to take our life’s to Find a way for the pain to stop When God is wanting to work with our pain?

    When we physically get hurt A raw wound appears And in time by biological processes […]

  • When you only experience The hardness of circumstances And you wish for only a chance To catch your breath, I want to tell you how you can do just that.

    It is by putting your trust in what God promised That He […]

  • When it is the pain that hurts the most And you are trying to find a way for it to stop I want to tell you how mine did When I found out why I had my pain.

    It was by living a life Where I ignored the call of a […]

  • God Has Always Done What He Could Because He Never Force Someone To Do Something They Never Want To Do.

    If It Is Your Choice He Can Do More Than You Can Ever Dream Of. It Is Because Faith In His Ability Makes […]

  • At First It Didn’t Seem To Be True That God Would Be Interested In Someone Like Me For I Hated Who I Was When I Had To Make The Choice To Give Him A Chance.

    He Wanted Me To Accept Myself The Way He Accepted M […]

  • You wonder what God can do And that is what I want to tell you. He takes the things that we must face And turns out of the bad the blessings we see.

    It is what we wanted to run from That He uses to form us Into […]

  • You Are A Teen An Individual In Need Of Direction. Someone Who Lives In Confusion Not Knowing What To Do, Where To Go.

    The Danger Around You Is Very Real And You Don’t Know It. It Is Like A Lion Who Sit And […]

  • So Many Things Has Changed You Only Are Starting To Realize It Now. That Is What Being You Is All About – From A Child You Had To Grow -.

    Now You Are You An Individual Who Are So Confused Without Knowing What […]

  • I’m Not Saying That The Pain You Feel, You Are Faking. Pain Is Part Of Being Human It Is Something We All Felt.

    Like Knives They Cause Our Emotional Layers To Be Peeled. They Cause Us To Be Naked When They […]

  • I’ll never know what is it that is hurting you so that is the cause of you being so low and suicide has become a friend.

    Life was meant to be more than just to die and that is why I write my words to […]

  • I Know That You Are Dying That Your Life Has Come To Nothing For You Everyday Is Like That Of A Beggar Living With No Hope Of A Better Existence.

    Like Weeds Your Circumstances Has Grown To Be Too Much. It […]

  • I Know What’s Out There It Is What I See Everywhere. I Don’t Want To Get Addicted But For Me It’s A Way Of Escape.

    Drugs, Alcohol And Cigarettes Are The Means For Me To Focus On Something Else Than On The Pain […]

  • Words Are The Weapons That Came And Stole From Me My Individuality To Become The Best That I Can Be.

    It Was When I Tried To Become Me That Your Words Started To Attack Like A Hungry Dog.

    The Anger Your Eyes […]

  • She is a big bully
    fighting this little girl
    she fights with weapons
    all the little girl has are books

    why fight the little girl
    have you forgotten
    you too were once bullied
    and then you rose to be […]

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