• You can hear the pitta patter of your feet as you walk along the
    Dusty road.
    It seems as though the road itself is mad at you how it burns your feet.
    Your bag is heavy shoulder; your burdens are heavy in your […]

  • You were never a mistake, I don’t care what people say;


    If you were by chance, you would be the best mistake I’ve ever made;


    I’ve been taught that wishes never come true;


    But that all […]

  • He stood unsure in her garden
    A piece of litter among beauty
    The scent of flowers made him hate himself more, built up sorrow–mortified to the core…Such an innocent thing, fragile–when bones decay to rust. […]

  • So I recently bumped into one of my colleagues whom I had not seen in months thanks to the horrible shifts we endure. This is the same girl whose recent Facebook pictures have left mouths hanging, wide open. Over […]

  • A little smirk a sharp edge of a cynic
    A wanderer an observer a bona fide critic
    A sigh- exhausted chuckles
    Cleaning old blood from blistered knuckles…
    What do you fight for what do you believe
    When the […]

  • There’s a little spot between your thighs that brings great pleasure to arise. From your thighs to your toes all the way up to your nose. Tingling sensations of flirtatious engagements, leaves one to ponder […]

  • Kai wrote a new post, No Cheese 3 days, 12 hours ago

    There’s a little mousey who runs passed your door…More cheese he needs more cheese he wants, running from corner to corner as the cat starts it’s hunt. Faint gnawing sounds emitted by little dwarf teeth, gouging […]

  • Where do broken hearts go?

    Well they take that slight dark long road,
    Filled with thorns and a naked foot cant walk,
    They climb those high mountains with no safety ropes,

    As the river covers the […]

  • The glory of wisdom and ego shrunk to accommodate the villagers
    Wounding spirits.

    She the significant one. She is my angelic conjured up myth
    She who always tells me in her poetry to rise, rise again above […]

  • Anne Sexton
    What are you made of
    An elegant older sky
    With a poet’s swagger in a nation of ghosts
    The angel skin of winter
    Therapist suggested
    I write poetry and it feels sweet
    I feel out of my […]

  • Comrades you have a gifted self:
    A voice to articulate the profound
    Inequalities that you find yourself in
    The knowledge of unrest and frustration
    This is your journey
    But now it has become part of all of […]

  • And when at last it came
    to the end of the book
    the idea came.
    Our imagination
    is organic, and a wreck broken off.
    And so we continue to imagine,
    inspire, and interpret.
    War is barbaric like the onset […]

  • Sons and daughters they’ve raised.
    Cloth of love they’ve shared for years.
    Cancer attacked the foundation – took them off
    to hell for a decade and a half (called off remission).
    Cancer reached the wuthering […]

  • I am tired. I look at other women in the ward and I see that they are tired too. It is hot. There is nothing that I can do to escape this intolerable heat. I lie under this sheet in this hospital. The doctor said […]

  • Perhaps the history of fish and chips started in London. Salty, lemony white fish fried fish (in a baptism of sorts) usually hake wrapped in yesterday’s newspaper like a cherub in a white christening gown. I can […]

  • He was just a man. He was just a man dreaming of being found. Lost. Lost. Lost. And inside of me there’s a feeling, this feeling of being stuck in traffic in a thunderstorm. A feeling of thirst, a painful thirst […]

  • Everything is disjointed especially when they (the words) are first coming into being, in fragments, there’s no clarity to me the reader. Everything is a journey. Follow me they seem to say. Come with me.

    When […]

  • I have often spoken about death.

    Sometimes it comes like a loud shout, a big bang deliberately but sometimes it is strangely quiet as if there is a royalty to its element. And then there is the earth that we […]

  • Do you see what I see
    High up in the clouds
    Its a tree

    No doubt

    See the leaves
    Swaying about
    With glee

    I turned around
    And suddenly it was a bee
    Or a was it a cow

    I think it was a giant flea

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