Visiting the Museum

I have no children
and I wonder why that is so
I also wonder if I ever
was built for that –
built like the machine
my own mother was
that fit in the otherworldly
groove of my father
that otherworldly groove
made of secret things
that filled my heart with ice.

I needed to know he did
not see me but he saw
a dream or really a vision
of a bride at twenty-five
like my mother the pageant queen
was in her wedding lace –
dad lost a glove between
the church and the main hall
in all the photographs
that was taken in the gardens
he is wearing one glove.

These glaciers have eyes,
the nape of a babe’s neck,
placenta, a patella, a personality –
we have given them trees,
numbers and a womb ceremony
left ice trailing in their wake.
The coelacanth knows
these waters – they winter
here every year and they
know what the meaning
of what a portrait of a still life is.

You mimic a comet
while your arms stretch out
like chords searching for
the harmonic details of God
the innerness of wilderness
the giddiness found in nature
therein you have decided
lies history – the world
and knowledge of a child –
you milk its worth
its life and freshness.

Too Soon

Its still too soon for us to grow old.

When caterpillars start flying,
They don’t even notice the greener grass but the tallest branch that grows.

Its never too soon;
But can be too late.
Its never too late,
Death to flesh is always too soon.

Breath has everything too lose,
To death that has nothing to lose.

Its too soon, Lingers.
When hormones Flicker.
Where more home builders,
Strike when homes are wrecked by branded beamers.

Tossed coined into hard soil.
Head flipped to the tail,
Hapiness locked prisoned in jail.

Its too soon for the poem to end in the middle of nowhere.
Its too soon but I apologise I have to go somewhere.

Its too soon…

$igned : Lucky

Victory In Defeat

Heart in shreds.
Eyes still shed.

Stars replaced by lightbulbs.
Mars seperated from Venus.

Victory defeated .
Truth somewhere in History.

History defeated.
Truth remaining a mystery.

Pregnant desires remaining so.
Born fires leaving cold.

Caterpillar falling from its cacoon.
R.I.P butterfly
Would you take for the moon?

But the ground swollowed.

Now I know for my heart it wasn’t you.

$igned : Lucky

Seeds Aren’t Certain, So Is Love…

Autumn leaves blowing in spring.
Abundant tree but the fruits refuse to fring.
Branches reaching out to passing wind.

Trees baring wrong fruits,
Bit Adam,
So what makes you think that you’ll be their madam?

Sun turns its back,
Photosynthesising in the shade.
Hose crying on the dusty floor.
Fertile soft soil,
Hardens & watches me spoil.

Absent in harvest.
When ripe; Present with spoons while others pave with forks.

Nothing is for certain.
Plant seeds; bring light open your curtains.

Anything that doesn’t grow is dead.
Let go of hurting love.
Anything that grows dies.
Hang tight to love while the time can.

Emotions grow in winter,
Love blows in autumn.
Mind settles in summer.
Now let the heart blossom in spring.

$igned : Lucky


Burried lost forgotten seed.
Siting in the dark,
Slowly growing into the light.

Excuses delaying its growth.
Lies blowing the truth away,
Decomposers worming they way to the stem,
Fruits hiding inside afraid of the stomping tramping boots of men.

Fertilisers numbing for the moment,
Tyrant winds wrenching to that planted moment.

Tears watering the soil.
Seed clinching unto the Family Tree Roots;
Slow the harvest,
All because the farmer was not honest.

The seed grew into its own tree,
& Broke the branches of the family tree.

Two became Three,
You, me & the secret that was a seed planted in me that couldn’t let me be.

I cut the grass;
Releasing the slithering snakes that crawled & held from the start.

I raked the leaves,
I prayed for my family tree not to leave.

I took the seed to the light;
A flower that bared the wrong fruit;
Blossomed to a rose,
Surrounded by thorns that resembled our fear of telling the truth.

Secrets will spoil like milk;
The longer it remains , the sour it will go.
The bigger the stain, the sharper the pain.

Secrets will make you their servant.
Starts as that tadpole, that grows & bounces leaf to leaf eating all the dirty flying insects.

We don’t know the direction of the wind,
Uncertain if today that bird will wake up & sing or take off across seas.

Be honest talk,
Hold hands walk.
Love hurts when time reveals,
Time heals when love reveals.

Take those dimmed seeds to the light & save the family tree.
Don’t plant in the dark your branches will never grow free.

Love keeps no records of wrongs,
Secrets slow feelings & that true love prolongs.

$igned : Lucky


I yearn for slumber
A place of no hunger
Were reality does not pillage and plunder
No such thing as making a blunder
And when I snore it sounds like thunder
Hoping it’s my Mother’s arms I’m under.

Sadly every tale has an end
Left with not even a smile to lend
Just these broken dreams to mend.

Yet all is not so bad
Sometimes life can be kinda rad
So to live it I am glad
Although at times I feel a bit mad
Sucks how all I ever feel is sad.

Hoping I’ll learn the lesson
That often comes with what’s expected of a person
Still wonder why I’m slept on
Praying these words will put me straight on
And my poetry will turn into a song
That your heart sings when it’s torn
Along with a spirit that is worn.

Realize you were never alone
Even all the times you watched porn
And your soul felt scorn.

So read my poems when you’re alone
When there’s no one to talk to over the phone
And your mind creates the sound of a drone
It’s my only escape when I’m torn
These words I use to mourn

Disregard norms like those coins I tossed
Maybe I’m just cursed.
Plan to share and move forward
Still dream of an early death which makes all of this awkward
Wonder about when I go will I be honored?

Big City Lights

Big City Lights
Dim reality
Bright fantasies
Slowly ripping the petals of our daisies.

Fast cars
Slow the tar on the pavement.
Walking into a mirage,
Dodging cupid’s arrow for what’s parked in the garage.

Serial killers.
Over working us.

Love lost,
Money found.
Infants hosts,
Sickness bound.

Big City Lights,
Hiding behind cracked walls.
Big City Lights,
Deaf to the Fathers call.

Shadows escaping from flesh.
Widows wearing white while the wounds are still fresh.

Mothers breastfeeding chemicals,
Babies abandoned praying for miracles.
Fathers lost in the music,
Children lonely becoming clueless.

Big City Lights,
On day & night.
Sun starts to fight,
Moon giving up its bright.

Blankets on pavements
Skin with no pigment
Wanting, craving, killing for that forbidden element.

Big City Lights
Leaving minds in the dark.
Big City Lights,
When will you stop taking life?

Dice rolled
Homes in 6’s & 7’s
We closer to hell than we are to heaven.

Big City Lights
How dare you!
Big City Lights
Who dared you?

Condemnation consoled by condoms.
A growing tree.

Big City Lights
When will you fuse?
Big City Lights
I’d rather walk in the dark than in your light if I was to choose.

Open your eyes
Be deaf to the city lies.

Open your heart,
Not legs then when you slowly depart.

Big City Lights
Get lost!

Don’t follow the light,
Before you get lost.

Big City Lights…

$igned : Lucky

Sun Set

Sheep leading shephards to shelter.
Grass fed to leopards.

Sunset rising the cold,
Sunrise stressing the old.

Sky falling,
The ants hide.

Giants gallavant;
On clouds they reside.

Children of the soil,
Water your land.

Children of the spoilt,
Water your rand.

Clock on the wall,
Time is up.

Clock on the wall,
Your time is not enough.

Sun set,
You were only warm when we met.

Sun set,
Sunrise lets connect.

$igned : Lucky

This Room

In this room,
I stay up, wake up.

Think about all my break ups.
Smile ,
Move forward, trim my tears with some make up.

No one knows me like my room,
We lay stare at the moon,
Then dream that an upgrade with sliding doors & a balcony is coming soon.

We sit together,
kiss but never tell,
Its the only place thhat doesn’t fell like hell.

These four walls,
stand tall & guard me.

These four walls,
Know how I really feel about she.

This mirror reflects ,
These eyes connect,
I gladly accept ,
And Love myself with no regret.

This bed at night,
Brings light & holds me tight when I have a fright.
This pillow catches my tears,
Closes my eyes & erases my fears,
Crafting me to wonderland where my fantasies appear.

This room is me,
I am my room.

Fashion shows before I go out,
Yes no? It never shuts up.

These windows see my thoughts & confrontations.
Those one on one fantasy talks that occur in mind and cause depression.
And when the times comes I become dumb with no expression.

This room knows my ambition,
My missions
Its always silent when listening to my confensions.
It never judges !
Holds no grudes!
Its my place of meditation where silence is my medication.

This room hears my mothers cry.
Hears my stupid lies.
Knows all my family ties,
Yet still Loves me & stays by my side.

Id kick these walls, when I dont have it all.
You’d just toss me to my bed,
Make me forget about what makes me sad.
Then you’d conspire with music,
Then Id just dance sing & just lose it.

This room is my world,
It knows me without saying a word.
It loves me like no another,
It really would be sad if I moved to another.

Another will come,
And love you like me.

Place this on my will,
This Room must know how I really feel.

This room is life,
One day I hope I share it with my wife.

$igned : Lucky


As a rose lay upon a grave…
So is the beauty in death.
How do I pull my enchanted thoughts from such pleasure?
As the aroma of an eternal bliss sweeten’s with every step…

The struggle

That of a thousand battles I daily live for.
Saved again…
Her kiss breathes new life into my empty existence.

Like the first breath of a new born child,
Bringing with it the hope of a new future….
The oxygen of my being…

Together living for the hope of a new tomorrow.