Hopes and Dreams Awakened

They looked up the skies with so much hope and eager anticipation…

Their hopes and dreams were to be exposed today in the skies and so they waited for that grand moment of truth…

Their dreams had been shattered way too many times by the dreary and misery-induced happenstances of life…

They were eagerly waiting in anticipation for that, which will lead to their emancipation,

Their hopes and expectations hinged on this very day for what was to be a life-altering day of many revelations,

They had weathered the most turbulent of storms and the most heinous of tribulations,

They felt deserving of another day in the sun and no more dark clouds and stormy skies,

They held on for dear life to the remnants of hope that had been pieced together by tape that has seen many days in its time,

They represented that sect of society that soldiers on even when the promise of resurgence looks bleak and hopeless,

They are soldiers of a battle that was long won and lost and won and lost and won and lost and lost way too many times to even keep score of the bruises…

They of the purest of minds were tainted by the darkness that brought about surges of hopelessness and despair,

They of the sweetest of dispositions were tainted by the darkness of the hearts that housed the most ruthless of the lot,

Through it all they never lost the glimmer of hope that promises a better tomorrow…

As they looked up the skies for their hopes and dreams to be revealed, they had an awakened sense of newness to begin again and build again,

As they looked up the skies, they felt a renewed gusto that they had thought was lost in the depths of bottomless wells of their society,

Their dreams and hopes were but imprinted in their very hearts and waiting to be awakened by a profound realization of power that lies within them from the recesses of their very core…

As they looked up the skies, they murmured in awe as they appreciated anew the blue skies that bring life and shape life,

As they looked up the skies, they expressed a wonderment of the beauty that nature expresses at every given turn and realized they had neglected that which gave them meaning and purpose,

As they looked up the skies, they realised that their hopes and dreams should fuel them to purpose-driven aspirations and community driven pursuits,

They of a fragmented sect of society felt whole again for they realized their strength in numbers and power of community oneness…


By Sakhile Mogale


Brain, tell my body to blantantly ignore my hearts desires
Heart, migrate to new surrounding so as to compromise me nomore
So brain, REGAIN your throne and banish my heart
For it has done more harm then good!

Each Day I Lie To You

My love for you lays hidden
Reared by Stereotype and Misconception
Asleep on IIgnorance’s sweet bosom
Hatred’s favourite son

My love for you lays hidden
Atop of towering castles
Built proudly by my Forefathers
Kept shielded from your foreign eyes

My love for you lays hidden
Sheltered by my place of worship
Guarded by my native tongue

My love for you lays hidden
In the company of Class and Social Norms
‘You will never be like us’

My love for you lays hidden
Caged by flesh and bone
Wrapped neatly in my distinctive tone

My love for you lays hidden
Set it free
Set it free
Open my heart and let it bleed on yours

I am no slave

I am not your servant.
I am a child of the Most High;
Praying for you day and night.

I am no prisoner.
Nor am I your slave;
What keeps me from being free?

You keep track of my flaws.
Then you betray my trust;
Have you lost your soul?

You complain about my presence.
Yet, you worry about my plans;
Refer to your own venomous tongue.

Lone Rock

Once a lone big rock
Surrounded by ordinary trees
Sitting in a far corner of the forest…
Lone rock that none cared for
Nature forced its wrath on it
Its’ worth never noticed
The sun rays burned it
Lighting strike and broke it
Rains damaged its smooth surface
The winds and all forces did their share
Lone rock that none cared for
Footpaths circled far away
Neither animal nor human saw its use
Day and night it remained
Didn’t have the power to move
Fires broke out around it
Birds waste paint its surface
But one out of million notice it
Saw the worth in it
Embraced its beauty
Lone rock that none cared for
Transformed by nature
Its rough edges, cracks and bird waste
Turning it into a masterpiece
Lone rock that none cared for
One man saw and appreciates
Took pictures that went viral
Soon they all talked about it
Lone rock, now camped in and guarded
With stardom and splendor
Becoming a wonder of the world
It’s beauty crafted by nature’s forces
Crafted beauty admired by many
Talked about by plenty
Lone rock, the wonder of the world
Mold to perfection by imperfection
Formed to be a great treasure piece
Trails created close to it
People visiting it every hour
Lone rock by default or design
God’s wonder over time

Music Tree

Wait for me he said
The journey is far and wide
The road difficult
But wait for me
I will search and bring it back

The music tree, yes I say
I will wait
How I know not
Of this I never did hear
Is it green I wonder or a box

Surely I will come he said
It will be heavy and tiresome
I’ll carry the load
To make you comfortable
Just you wait, I will bring

Sweet music it will make
I wonder how
But I know you
A music tree I know not
And I agree
You will come

My tree I’ll have
Beautiful it will sound
So I wait
Years may go by
The journey is far and wide
I know you’ll come

A Sanguine Melancholy

Bound by mortal chains
Left cold to the touch by Life’s fleeting ways

Like phantom lost from Lover’s heart
Condemned to memory of days gone past

A sea of consciousness, an ocean of thoughts
These stars shine dull on Earth’s darkened soil

Like slaves sat at wooden prisons
Coerced to pay for Mother’s gifts

Three eyed but dormant, marooned in their comforts
Stirred only by their binocular vision

Does he not see that he is friend and that he is foe
Does he not know that the lioness weeps as she hunts the gazelle

Oh Son of Man
Dance to Fate’s beating drum

For I have become accustomed
To this lonely conversation

Without Death’s Certainty

Without Death’s certainty, my Love,
I would neither mourn, nor cherish you
You would be resigned
To an old page in my story

Without Death’s certainty, my Love,
I would neither wake, nor stir
The birds’ song would grow dull,
As I lay through Summer and Spring

Without Death’s certainty, my Love,
I would neither laugh, nor cry, nor smile
Lost only in perpetual thought,
Eternal Youth etched upon my face

Without Death’s certainty, my Love,
I would fashion fables
Tales of Father & Son
Sinners and saints

Doomed to forget,
My inevitable return

I wish

I wish within a beat lay the answers to us,
That with every note all became clear
And with every lyric true feelings flowed
And with that the melody made it all worthwhile

Still Believe

This morning when I opened up my eyes;

That old lonesome feeling seemed to take my heart by surprise;

There you were again heavy on my mind;

I struggled to hold back the tears from falling from my eyes;


I wanted to call you up and tell you how I felt inside;

I called and like so many times before that I’ve tried;

It just rang and rang until I dropped the line;

You sent me a message asking me what’s wrong;


I told you that my feelings for you were still as strong;You asked me to let it go, you’re married and you’ve moved on;

I wish I could say I’ve been able to do the same;

6 years have passed and I’ve failed;


I miss you still and I think that this feeling will never go away;

I’m sure it would have by now but it still resides within me;

I wish you still felt the same way, I wish I was still the one you were missing;

I wish I could show you how I feel;


Time as they said would help me heal;

It only opened up my eyes to the pain so real;

Knowing I’m the reason you wanted to leave;

If I could do it over girl I’d give everything and anything;


I know he has your body but your heart is still here with me;

I know I can’t be feeling this alone, I know you still love me somewhere deep within;

Even if this ain’t true, girl I still believe;

Just wanted to tell you I still miss you, I wanted you to know just how I feel