I have a little friend I’ve come to hate
It took quite a while before we clicked
Cough, cough – I choked and coughed hard
The moment I first stuck him between my lips
I, however, was determined to get to terms with him

His sensation led me to a problem free world
He helped me ‘forget’ all my problems
Providing relief in times of stress
A dear friend he proved to be…. for sometime
He made me feel like I own the world

Pull in, relax, blow out into the clean sky
I felt like a King biting my ‘stick of death’
Those who don’t smoke are lost for sure
They have no idea what they’re missing
Those were the good times!

I’ve made up my mind and I now want out
But I have utterly lost control
He has taken over my life
I want to quit, I keep saying as I light it
I now wish I never met this friend of mine

I’ve become his hopeless and voiceless slave
But I badly want my clean life back
He hasn’t done my pocket any good either
Together we have squandered a good fortune
I don’t know how to drop him off my lips

Who will set me free from this smokey bondage?
My family and friends have given up on me
Where shall I run to so he won’t find me?
They dragged me to rehab in efforts to keep us apart
He kept calling my name loud from outside

I’m buying no more when I finish this
I’ve told myself this a thousand times
But I’ve gone on to buy again…….and again
I wish it was that easy to quit
Pull in, relax, blow out into the clean sky!


Come let’s take a firm stand
Stand up for our nation
The land of our origination
Me and you plus our dedication
We can turn our rainbow nation
Into the reality of our imagination

Here sounds loud the unified call
For Azania the home of us all
Together we shall stand and never fall
Anyone rising up in arms to take us on
As an enemy will be sure to fall
Forever we shall stand tall

Come let’s plant a seed
For together nations we will feed
Let’s root out and destroy the weed
The ten commandments let’s all read
So we’re together in word and deed
Like all the pieces of a beautiful bead

Ours is a land of possibilities
And unimaginable realities
We are a people who make our own destiny
While bearing in mind our origin

There’s a darkness about him

There’s a darkness about him
cant put my finger on it
something sinister and foreboding
there’s no glow to his face
like his hiding something
dark clouds surround him

But do I tell you my friend
the one about to marry him
I have no proof -it’s just
there’s a darkness about him
please get to know him
find out why his wives left him

You are the light
dont loose your glow
find out more before you say
I do
there’s a darkness about him
dont let this man be your mistake

Chain of Change – Inspired by Madiba

You made a change
Which made a world change
Which made me change
I hope to be the change
That can create change in others
So that your chain of change
Can be sustained.

The things I remember

I remember that day, like I created it myself, you watched me draw Constellations in the skies,
While speaking the native language that I read in your skin.
I wrote floodlines in the palm of you hands,
I loved you slowly like gradualness of moonlight.
I will hold you like ‘always’ holds onto ‘forever’.
And talk in a tone only understood by halos in the dark.
When my heart was a tsunami hitting the shores of your hands.
When my body was an earthquake that trembled everytime the tectonic plates of your lips separated and you smiled.
When sandstorms would form whenever you blinked.
I used to try and flood away the drought you left in my mouth each time we spoke.
I am a natural at being a disaster of a human being.
And your name is still the only colour I bleed
If you only know what your presence did to me,
you’d came up with words to call all these emotions I bury underneath my flesh.
You are a painting with colours have yet to learn.
A love like a sentence without a full stop, because its endless.
Endless like the galaxies God drew into existence

I remember how your voice easily resonated with my soul as it traveled with the wind,
causing hurricanes to breathe in my chest every time you looked at me.
I see no else but the king who stands before me.
Whose heartbeat is the song I wouldn’t mind falling asleep to.
You echo rivers into oceans, flowers into trees made a woman out a girl who was once afraid of complements as much as she was afraid of death.
I remember when I used to hide lies in the inside of my chest.
But now I stand for you, stand for us, I see nothing but the crown you carry on your head.
You are the gravity that hold me down in more ways than one,
I need you like the earth needs the sun.
I watched you grow into beautiful,
Promise me that you will stay beautiful.

Remember when we existed in time where love didn’t even understand us so it gaves us away to different emotions that spoke in a voice we never fully could hear.
Its been too long and I finally allowed the truth to escape from underneath my tongue.
I only have 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day, 365 days in a year, which I will chose to love you differently each day,
At the end of each year I’ll start all over again.

God forbid that the world has to build walls high enough to keep us apart, I’d write you letters of forever everyday, when you read them the word will sing in your presence.
I will whisper my name in leaves…
hoping they will travel to wherever you may be.
So you might have a reason to hold on to me.
I will kiss loyalty into your lips,
Scratch bass drums into your skin,
Allow the sun to rise on your shoulders, and set on your hands,
Paint the truth in all your thoughts of me,
you are my brand new set of angel wings,
And I can never fly without you.
I swear your voice has become my conscience,
And I’ll walk into your life like a size 4 commitment.
For I’d bury my pride, abandon my doubts, and abort the part of me that thinks I can survive without you, because that part of me is usual good at lying.
I know I can tattoo happiness into your life, pierce in all the reasons why I love you
and repair your eternity ’til I become what you would live for.

You are light and it’d be foolish not to love the solar power which you are.
I’d be the backbone that’s makes you taller,
I will forever stay your pretty young thing even when we older.
I’d be the sleeping pills that drifts you into comfortness,
Living without you makes no actual sense.
I’d be your favourite book because you are the only one who has been able to read me.
There is a part of you buried inside me.
I pray that every morning you wake you will still pick me over everything.
I hope I am all the things you remembered about me,


King you are still all the things I remember….

The return of Imogen

She’s back Imogen is back
my toxic friend of days gone by
she haunts my days ,my nights
I tell myself :”Your’e not real –
you cant hurt me ”
its all in vain as she laughs
for she knows she controls me
controls my mind , my loves
my hates
my face distorts as she appears
hatred swells into my body
when she returns logic leaves my mind only to be filled with anger
hatred self loathing this is life
that comes with Imogen
i cant take it anymore
and i reach for the box
and little white pill inside
just one is all i need
slowly Imogen disappears
to return another day

5 o’clock Torture

I’m on that 9 to 5 grind,
Naturally I am exhausted
But it has to happen, every afternoon.

The tap on my  window or the whistle from a few meters away.
That street vendor though, he catches you every day.
Is it  a hand made steel giraffe, a springbok jersey or a box of mangoes?
I don’t care, I’ll just ignore him until he goes.

There’s the occasional day that he just get’s on my nerves,
So i roll down my window, and throw words that’ll just kick him to the curb.
“Can’t you see that I’m exhausted, I’ve worked all day
What have you done, besides laze away?
It’s 5 o’clock and I’ve been up so early,
I fake a happy mood and I work so eagerly!
I focus, I strive, I have passion in my eyes!
So at 5 o’clock all I ask for, is that quiet, alone, home time prize
Bother someone else, why do you always target me?
Or better yet get a real job, then… you will see!”

I throw rants with my chest puffed and my nose up and I make him feel so small.
I don’t feel bad, I’ve worked hard today, I shouldn’t feel bad at all

Eventually one day,
that street vendor,
he cut me off,
mid banter!
He asked if I had seen him this morning on my way to work.
I replied, “YES! as usual you tapped on the window of my merc.”
So you see sir, he said, I am sure that you would’ve easily managed standing in the sun all day,
being shut down, ignored and constantly told to go away.
I don’t mean to complain, I don’t mean to be rude,
but while you’re on your way home, I’m still forcing that happy mood.
So with all due respect to that hard work that you do
It’s 5 o’clock for me too!

Of all the things that God could send

Of all the things that God could send.
What would be your perfect request?
What would make all life’s troubles worth it in the end?

I know what I’d ask for,
I’d ask for stability and contentment,
for prosperity and perfection!

I’d sit on my knees look up to the sky
and weep with regret for my mistakes 
and I’d ask God for forgiveness and protection!

It’s funny how God and I we can sit and talk.
This would seem like a one way conversation, 
but this friends, is the power of meditation.

I close my eyes and enter a serene state. 
When I am angry, I request that he removes all this hate.

When sadness is upon me
I beg for him to allow gladness to adorn me.

I’m a little disloyal though.
In a state of happiness 
or in a moment of success.
I sometimes forget to tell God
Because I often forget to talk to him when I am at my best.

But on the rare occasion that I do remember to be thankful.
He awards me with so much warmth and and extends my happiness to the epitome of joyful!

So of all the things that God could send
There’d be none better than a friend
a friend who could make me smile
and feel comforted too.
I sit on my knees and fold my hands, 
I look up to God and say.
“In other words, a friend like you!”

I’ll stand up

Don’t get me wrong when I say that I will be your helping hand.
I know that you don’t need a mentor or even an assistant 
and I know that you most definitely don’t need a man!

My helping hand is only offered when the world is blind.

When the world is blind to your triumphs
I’ll stand up and I’ll stand by you!

It took multiple bruises and many more bumps
and when they don’t know that
I’ll stand up and I’ll stand by you!

Because I will not let the power you possess
be somewhat oppressed.
I will make sure they see that you are the Queen!
Hell! you are the King!

So when the world is blind to your revolutionary stance
when you conquer the barriers that once denied the youth future plans!
I’ll stand up and I’ll stand by you!

I’ll make sure that they hear your name
that your story is the new level to that politics game!
And eventually when the politicians, they try to play
and destroy your elegantly laid out pathway
I’ll stand up and I’ll stand by you!

When you need a crew.
When you need a brother, a sister, a friend or two
know one thing
I’ll stand up and I’ll stand by you!

Because you have seen the days that they said you couldn’t
even though they secretly knew you could 
They prayed for the day that you just wouldn’t
But you did!
And they know
but they will assure that it is hidden!
So remember that I’ll stand up and I’ll stand by you!

They will act like the greatness you’ve achieved is unnecessary
Like the mountains you’ve climbed were mere ant hills
They will hide the fact that you’ve smashed through that little look of girly
that you’ve done more than just educate yourself, 
you’ve raised kids
you’ve given to your community
And you’ve paid all your bills.

So when it starts to rain and the storm continues to pour
I’ll stand up and I’ll stand by you!

When your force is budding from the ground
but they keep throwing sand over and patting it down.
I’ll be at the bottom with you
We will dig our way through 
I’ll stand up and I’ll stand by you!

When they command you to stay in he kitchen
break the hell out
When they objectify your curves
shut that man down
When they say you’re too fragile
When they say you’re too weak
Show them your wrath
They’ll forever hold their peace

So when the world is blind to your legendary venture
When they can’t see, that here is a real life Marvel Avenger
I’ll stand up and I’ll stand by you!

****Like a superhero she swoops doing everything you can’t do
        So when you knock her down to tears
        physically or with words
        You are leaving this world undernourished
        Killing Mother’s of this Earth!
        So when arrogance like you withers it’s way through 
        and she embarrasses you 
        and she makes you wish that you worked your way there too!
        Just remember 
        that she taught me better!
        That’s how come I didn’t stand with you!****


She lies to my face
With a straight face
When I enter the room
She tells a different
Story but I know
She has been
I try to tell
Him and she blocks
Me. I ask myself
Why is she like this
When she has a man
Who loves her
Help me tell him
That she is a cheater
She embarress me
Because she is my
Mother. She is wearing
Her head in shame
She thinks I’m stupid
And don’t know these
Things but I’m
Scared to call her
Mother, because
She is a cheater.