It all started so well
As you were enchanted by her spell
As if your unbreakable love
was liberated from above


Created was a bond so strong
All believed it could last so long
As you walked along
All could hear her song


It was the warm chanting
By the one enchanting
By the one entangling
By the one so enticing


When there was no light
And you could not sleep at night
You would be infused with might
When she says it will be all right


But one night she returned late
And was lured by another’s bait
From that fateful date
Eternally altered was your fate
As well as that of your mate
For deeply stained was her slate

So what can be done?
This can not possibly be fun
The bond with your best one
Is entirely shattered and done


If only you could pretend
Even for only one weekend
That all could be the same
With your perfect dame


No longer can you play
In the same old way
No matter what you may say
You will have to make your own way


But if you are to reciprocate
You would be no better mate
You should be truly mature
And look towards your future


For after this unfortunate incidence
There is no more need for persistence
It is time for transcendence
Time to gain your independence


The Knave

There existed a Knave
That rose from the grave
Those few that were brave
Tried him to save
But made new was a slave
For grave’s knave


He possessed a great need
He always hungered to feed
So he increased his speed
And performed the deed
Many did he bleed
As he planted his seed

When with victims he did deal
He could perennially feel
An overwhelming zeal
After the fate of his meal
He did so cruelly seal
Never again were they real

But clearer was his sight
Superior was his height
Greater was his might
Fiercer was his fight
And further reached his blight
In the depth of the night

In a distant mire
Burning eternally was the fire
From many a funeral pyre
Times were dire
But this was the desire
Of Darkness esquire
That lead Death’s choir
The Demonic Vampire


It was a cool calm, yet breezy, settling Sunday morning
As I braved the unsettling characteristic darkness of my mind
I permitted peace and clarity to permeate my thought processes
As the thunderous, irrepressible force of expectations drowns within me

The safe, synchronized, symphony of sequenced sensibility settled my mind
As an asymmetric condensation of chilling emotion fills my being
The eye of my mind seems never to truly conceive my unparalleled reality
It merely endeavors to assigns various layers of context
To my warped array of myriad experiences