I find myself alone with you,

Late at night whilst the world sleeps.

Sometimes I love just being alone,

Spending time in your presence reminds me who I am.

Other times I hate your honesty,

You make me realize life’s ugly truths.

It was you who taught me to be this way,

You opened my eyes to the depths of my soul.

You are my oldest friend,

But my biggest regret is letting you in…

Now I live for your cold embrace,

Because only you can understand me.

– Written by Lauren Anne Pascal, 2011


When I look into your eyes,
I can see my soul…
Because your heart and mine,
Are one and the same.
It is as if, with one look,
You make the whole world disappear.

When I am with you,
I feel as if nothing else matters…
And when you are gone,
I feel like I could die a thousand sordid deaths
Just to get back to your arms.

I have never loved someone this way.
A love that feels as if my life depends on it,
A love that gives me a serene understanding,
Of what true happiness can be.
You are a part of me,
Our souls intertwined in such a way,
That to lose you, would be to lose myself.

Hell to me, is not a fiery pit of torture beneath the heavens,
But an existence in which we are apart.

– By Lauren Anne Pascal, 2012