This beautiful life

She seemed to have aged overnight
Hands moved rhythmatically as she stood there and pleaded her cause.
Her elbows forgot their placing and aimlessly shuddered
Her blood rushed and she thought she’d lose it
Lose it – really
It was only a matter of time before she –
Well whatever it was she was thinking
Her black pencil sketched a portrait,
A vivid image of what she was going to do formed.
– What she had drawn in no way compared to what everyone thought she’d do –
Silhouetted shadows set up against cream sheets
She saw burning
Lots of it
Then she lay down to sleep.
Putting the tortures and horrors of the day behind her.

Development is

A beautiful massacre,
His hunger,
That planet’s global warming,
Their poverty,
My enrichment,
…help me destroy nature…
Do not charge me for my crime
Let my existence torment me.