Awake, the looming dark of night
Wind howling, raindrops scowling
Sweat from my disastrous regret
Pollution worse than a cigarette.

A moment of relief quickly fades
The light through the window is man made
The nightmare is back, I’m incomplete
Space in the bed makes my heart miss a beat.

Sitting in the dark with a rotten heart
Reflecting on your broken heart
Two hearts, no more one
Pain like an elephant leaving a herd.

Still there is a smile to have
Lost in thought of our better selves
The love combined when I’m inside you
Bigger than two planets colliding behind you.

Pull my chin up, focus and heal
Even though everything seems unreal
On my knees, pray to God
He’ll keep me strong, even if flawed.

This person no more next to me
the pillow beneath her head causes envy
Love and hope will keep me well
Still, how much I crave and miss her smell.

Put my head down, try and sleep
Focus on my happiest childhood memory
Wasted time, it becomes clear
My happiest memory is you my dear.