From a distance I gaze upon your beauty as you appear from within the evening mist and lightly brush against my soul, breathing sweetness on my spirit with the breath of angels love; – a stranger who would linger in the passage of my mind and there upon my barren soil, pour water on the seed of long forgotten love…

Leonard Kotze.

Awake from the dream

When the dream becomes untouchable, and the vision fades away, – it is in reality that I awake and find your presence in my life to be greater than anything I have ever imagined in the slumber of my darkest night..

Leonard Kotze.

Nelson Mandela

1918 – 2013

From the bare footed cradle, your youth spent in pain, you grew from the shame imposed by oppressors and rose to reign.

Devoting your life to the country you loved, you suffered affliction directing us above our failures and fear.

The children of poverty, the sick and the lame became your flock when you had finished the game.

Now a nation mourns… – forever your eyes have finally closed, – father of a nation, maker of peace; your time had come for eternal rest.

Leonard Kotze.


I walk this path In solitude, my distant future set in stone.

And gaze upon a sunrise far away, deserted, empty and alone.

The dream I cherished in my heart; – our failure took it all apart, while anger, hurt and pain are the only emotions that remain.

A bond of love until our dying day, till evil came and stole your heart away.

Now at the setting of the sun, I hide my soul and run, for in the darkness of the night, I loose my life’s delight when haunted by the absence of your love…

Upon my shoulders

In sudden apparition like from a haunted soul, I came across the remnants of forgotten shame that dried the bones and devoured flesh of all that seemed of godly creed.

I consumed the flame that burned within and gave the saints desire to go forth and reach the eastern wall, and found within my scattered soul a ransom for the loss of years gone by. This sealed by soulful sacrifice, my life’s torment away from grace, and there upon a worldly stage, – the role I played became the reason for complete disgrace.

Through heavens gate I willed my way, to fulfill my sinful fate, and ultimately my future became the devils bait.

With pride, enduring a heart that broke, in reverence to all the harmful souls who charmed my innocence to meet their goals, – I carried this burden like a yoke…

Our love

Eyes that smile as hearts beat wild; – our love had found its destiny’s child.

Unspoken words with sweet embrace, surrendered our souls in complete loves grace.

Our bond of love no sacrifice, we took a chance and rolled the dice; – we played the game, our souls consumed by eternal flame.

Regret and pain, our only gain, for now we walk in stormy rain as with time, inevitably our separation came.

Our love has died and no one cried, our hearts ripped out, we live in doubt, and now we know, we have nowhere left to go…