Dear Society

Write a letter to Misconception
Telling her softly that we understand
Tell her we knew the struggle of acceptance
Made for the sabotage created
By an innocent hand

Send a note to those caught in the conflict
Soothing their hearts with the knowledge of
This not being part of the plan
Segregated from hope
From love –
Society’s misfit was banned

They planted seeds of happiness
– Sacred deeds involving ovaries –
Fertilizing the blackness
All for reasons beyond their time
Which hide in their ignorance to
Justify the madness

In actions unaccounted for
Chemical imbalances promote
Carnal desires to explore
Their naïve need for more
Juvenile passion excuses the
Sensibility to be sure

– Now her belly grows –
Along with the misery
Guilt denies the truth that beats beneath
– Her bible tells her no –
But still she’s tempted by the thief
With the wire hanger who gives hope of
Reversing her bastard tragedy
– Then society would call her a hoe –
To be mummified by the stereotypes while
The absent father’s slate remained clean

And so with the rage
Morning sickness and unadulterated shame
Simmering on her soul’s stove-plate

Her mind now concocts ideas of revenge
Dangling her feet of the cliff of vengeance
A bruised heart speaks a pledge while
Dumping the newborn baby
On [his] family’s doorstep

But the booze and fear made her forget
Such a turn of unfortunate events and
She finds herself now pleading in court saying,
“Yes your honour, I was forced onto the bed…”
And the man she met was condemned
She fled

Write a letter to Insecurity
Telling him softly that we understand
Tell him we knew the struggle of responsibility
Made for the absence created
By an innocent man

Send a note to those caught in the conflict
Soothing their hearts with the knowledge of
This not being part of the plan
Segregated from hope
From redemption –
Society’s misfit was banned

An adolescent youngster
Basking in peer-pressured achievements but
Fear decayed his actions when he asked her
Am I [a] baby’s father?

The truth behind her lie
Would strip him of the former –
Glory – lost in the hangover
And the unwise cold shoulder he gave
When she phoned he and he ignored her

Am I [that] baby’s father?
Confusion covered coherency
His brain registers a future dead to peace
Failed attempts to run to false freedom
To save the remnants of his minority

And thus this
His perceived execution
Hope found dead in responses lacking reason
Making for failed retribution
Social hot topics leaving a mind polluted with
Perspectives for the cowardly and
It would be years before he knew this

He whispered curses directed at his seed
For all that he could have been amounted and
Translated into the shrill of
A baby born to infidelity

Write a letter to Consequences
Telling them softly that we understand
Tell them we knew the struggle for wisdom
Made for the errors created
Through spontaneous hands

Send a note to those caught in the conflict
Soothing their hearts with the knowledge of
This not being part of the plan
Segregated from compassion
From tolerance –
Society’s misfits were banned

Shunned by the masses in remorseful exhales
Misconception lost all she hoped to keep
Since her dignity was retailed
Now she
Figurehead for the female fueled by
Philosophical details which
Dictated her situation to be a fail

For Misconception became a video vixen
A broken mentality’s product and
The money was meant to fix it
Tomorrow just an illusion
That leaves present reality twisted –
She snorts two lines and chuckles;
Thinking of love and how she missed it

Boxed inside the contents of
Decisions rather left unopened
She fell to her –

Ignorantly as she mingles with the tokens of
Rejection and misinterpreted pain
– Blindsided rage –
She cursed God
And [a] baby for becoming this way

And this all started back in a nightclub with a

“Hey… my name is”

The Red Pill

If my fingers could –
Past the thickness that is your guard
Beneath your very earth
Where you hold the fertilized scars
Between the thorns surrounding your bosom
Concealing the warm spot
Where these arms may find rest
As the blood trickles down my palms

If this organ would –
Learn to continue beating
With the knife still firmly in its place
I know it may not look the same
But please believe the love that’s
Tried to course through these egotistical veins
For these arteries have become the –
– mezzanine –
Between all that I’ve lost
And the heart
That I’m trying to put back together again

Your very own should
See my detachment –
as the equivalence
To the things you do too
To cope with the heartbreak
For we have always been the same
Two hypocrites connected
By the subtle absence in my ribcage


You – simply distracted
By the forked tongues of men
In the same careless phase

I – simply attached
To every lust-coloured apple an
Eve seemed to bring my way

We – simply an act
Of our perception that these emotions
Are all that have remained

All I wanted was a name
Back when all I had,
Was the shallow attraction that
Kept my gaze at your face
Your eyes instead thought me to be the
Reincarnated demons of men who only
Craved the secrets below your waist
When the truth is that greater ecstasy
Comes from looking upon a naked soul
While undressing the
Intellect of

But then comes those games
Dictated socially;
You and I jump awkwardly between
Prejudiced views of how Love should be
Evidently, I could sit in a group
And preach the paraphrased truth
Only to live the sinner’s story

Hoping to see a compromise
Built from the self-imposed guilt
And the glory –
Curing your conscience
With the right words on a Sunday morning;
A game of halos hanging from horns we grew
The moment distortion
Became this society’s calling

And as we dance the same dance
Of broken lovers trying to find
The missed step
Recollecting the memories;
That feeling of anxiety when that which
Left – you in sorrow comes back with regret
“I am nothing like the last tenant”;

Conversations where
Our hearts try to connect,
Kick off the dust and
Let a new soul into our mess-
Messages of communicating a desire
For the universe to grant you the best
In this stranger you’ve now put to
The oh-so-familiar test

Because you and I live in a world where
My fractured trust
Cannot accept your sincere attempts
And your regrets
Keep me out of the bruised parts of you
Lost in another man’s conquest

So what is left?

Fragile boy with a heart that
Thought it once knew gold
Meets insecure girl who
Now thinks the world to be cold
So Stereotype meets Assumption
At a party and their drunken selves
Are as honest as they’ll ever come to know

You and I
We are tied by the same tragedy
Of meeting Love and seeing the wolf
Behind the sheep-skinned fallacy
“The Matrix is just a fantasy”,
She said, swallowed the red pill
And walked back to her reality